Anti-democratic syrup

Anti-democratic syrup

We learned to vote late (sometimes badly), we longed for democracy as the first love, and as teenagers we were filled with emotion. Democracy choked on (some) bodies fed up with sweaty rancor, from one day to the next we were democrats, we Spaniards lacked that genetic dream, we had to have it "chewed" to be able to swallow it because otherwise we would drown with it. 

"I believe that democracy basically consists of the acceptance of political pluralism, where compliance with the will of the majority is compatible with respect for and the operational presence of minorities in the political process". He added, "I believe that major national efforts must be focused on preventing the emergence of dangerously conflicting political groups. We must all avoid a repetition of the political division of the Spanish people into two antagonistic fronts Don Adolfo Suárez said in May of that 1977. 

It is not a bad joke, although it seems so, 43 years later we have not managed to blur that line. Without further ado, the story of "the sides" continues. The unresurrected Spain continues to beat itself up verbally, and anxious to get their hands on the various social networks, because we have taken the "calm" out of marketing. 

Some call it "democratic syrup", I prefer to call it "anti-democratic syrup"

Look, my fellow citizen, I will throw toads, snakes and lizards out of my mouth, but I only hope that you are not overcome with emotion, that you remain calm in your own home while we politicians poison any speeches for the sake of votes, of the trust that has been placed in us at the ballot box, and you must unquestioningly allow us politicians to get carried away on issues that have no political function for the sake of democracy. 

Look, my fellow citizen, you must think what I say and you have a democratic obligation to defend it, just as I say, and I will instigate it, because I am the politician, or we have learned nothing in forty years of dictatorship.  

Syrup for everyone, paid for by the State! That is, everyone. Some are stoned; others are insults to men (I must say, out of fashion). Some instigating homes; many pointing the finger at journalists. And there will still be some who wonder how in a country that did not have enough to fill its stomachs, it got involved in a war that lasted almost four years. Is it not to get your hands on your head?

Neither in politics, nor in love, nor in football can one live on income

Neither those who "grope the dead", nor those who do not make self-criticism, nor those who think they are immune, know the power of the ballot box, and if they know it, they wait to live off the rents. 

Adolfo continued in that speech, "the fact that we deeply represent those who are situated on our right and on our left: the fact that we have guaranteed that they can offer their option to the Spanish people, does not prevent, should not prevent, us from trying to avoid those risks of which history offers us sad examples". 

Lidia Fernández, historian and journalist from the Rey Juan Carlos University, expert in Emotional Intelligence and Non-Verbal Communication from the Camilo José Cela University