Don't let your guard down

Sin mascarilla en discotecas

Nobody said that the fight against the coronavirus was going to be easy, but what we cannot afford is believing that everything is already resolved or on the way to being solved. Not much less. You cannot let your guard down, you have to respect as much as possible the security measures wherever we are. On these days of vacation, it is essential that all those who can take their days off, move to their usual places of recreation and rest and contribute daily to economic recovery.

But you have to be aware and convinced that you have to go to the beach with a mask, you have to go to bars and restaurants with a mask, you have to go with family and friends with a mask, and, above all, you have to go of drinks and party with mask. And always, respecting the safety distance and using the disinfectant gel. You will be thinking that the article repeats everything already known and that the media demands every day. You are right. It is obvious, but there are too many people who are not aware of the danger that still exists and of the capacity and speed of contagion of the COVID-19.

Outbreaks are not a joke and although we have the sad experience of the first wave with thousands of deaths worldwide, we cannot allow a second phase to strike us because there are two fundamental reasons: preserving human lives, it is not admissible that it can having more deaths, and because a second confinement would be economic and social ruin for millions of people. The international reaction is prevention towards places that are suffering new cases of contagion. There are governments like the French and the Belgian that recommend not traveling to Catalonia, for example. There are numerous cases of contagion in other parts of Spain, but to a lesser extent.

Even the arrogant and arrogant Donald Trump has had to give his arm to twist and change his ignorant and suicidal policy against the virus. He has started to put on his mask and has changed orders to deal with the coronavirus that has already claimed the lives of 148,000 Americans and infected more than four million. The sad thing is that Trump has changed his mind because polls had skyrocketed in favor of his Democratic opponent at the White House, Joe Biden. No advice from his advisers, no expert opinion, the harsh reality in the United States or in the rest of the world, like Brazil, has been able to convince him. Only electoral interest matters, as in other countries, unfortunately.