Let's not pardon Sánchez

No indultemos a Sánchez

The democrats have an appointment on the 13th at noon in the Plaza de Colón in the capital of the Kingdom. June, Sunday, noon. A meeting to tell the President of the Government loud and clear that neither politically nor legally he has the power to pardon the 1-O coup perpetrators who tried to break the constitutional order and were convicted of sedition and embezzlement. The Plataforma Unión 78, led by Rosa Díaz, Fernando Sabater and María San Gil, invites us to protest in the streets - the ballot boxes will come - against the indulgence of the rebels, in support of the judiciary attacked by Moncloa and, incidentally, to prevent King Felipe VI from signing this shameful and disgraceful decree. Because the one who pardons is the Monarch at the request of the Council of Ministers. What a scandal!  Sánchez's flight forward has no alternative after the resounding defeat in Madrid of Díaz Ayuso, who simply trusted in the people and in this one word: freedom. 

No indultemos a Sánchez

The order of the Supreme Court unanimously rejects this measure 'of grace' for Junqueras and his associates, as none of the requirements of the law are met: justice, equity and public utility. The 11 condemned have neither shown repentance, nor have they requested a pardon individually (they cannot be granted collectively) and, furthermore, they have confirmed that they will once again stage another coup d'état.  In other words, no repentance and no intention to make amends. 

A self-indulgence

In fact, the separatists of ERC, Junts (and CUP) are making good use out of the support they gave to the motion of censure against Rajoy. They came to regenerate political life (Podemos managed to enter the government with Iglesias and Montero leading it) and have turned it into the ultimate sewers of corruption and disloyalty. Bildu has already managed to get the ETA prisoners to return home so that the PNV can put them on the streets in autumn. Marlasca's latest heroism on this last Friday of the month has been to bring ETA supporter Juan Luis Rubenach with 1,008 years in prison, sentenced only two months ago for 97 crimes of attempted murder, weapons of war and explosives. The murders of Pedro Antonio Blanco and Justo Oreja Pedraza are also on his conscience.
No indultemos a Sánchez

Nothing has been learned in Moncloa from 4-M. The people of Madrid told candidate Sánchez to get the hell out of the boat of ignominy that is taking us adrift as soon as possible. Pardoning those who despise the pardon, the King and Spain is the greatest crime of corruption in the whole Spanish democracy. It is a pulse of the Executive to the Judiciary after having illegally curtailed its competences. Minister Campos, who is now asking for "normality", was the same one who, with the republican Tardá, from ERC, demanded Rajoy in 2017 that pardons should be used in an extraordinary and restrictive way; never to favour corrupt politicians and thieves. Suddenly, the past has been covered with a blanket of tar, and what began with the compliance of Marchena's conviction served as a lever for the PSOE candidate to spring another false promise in the golden minute of the general elections: "You let Puigdemont escape; I will bring him to Spain so that he can be judged". Hollow words. It is a self-indulgence between the central power and that of the Generalitat. A clear conflict of interests.

No indultemos a SánchezThe latest offensive to put the coup plotters on the streets is to place himself at the head of the expedition towards the abyss. Using the Magna Carta - "it does not contemplate revenge or repression" - he camouflages himself in dialogue, encounter, tolerance and concord. He emulates Adolfo Suárez when reconciliation became possible and seeks shortcuts to justify anything against the report of the SC and the Prosecutor's Office. What is the pacification plan for Catalonia proposed at the dialogue table with ERC? None. We only know that Pere Aragonés, who did not swear to abide by the Constitution, made his message clear: Amnesty - forbidden in our Constitution - and a referendum on independence. Has separatism ever taken a step backwards? Never. Here we have convicted politicians in prison who leave the Lladoners prison whenever they want, for the inauguration and the election campaign, who defy and do not recognise the judging Court and who, to muddy the ground, have the audacity to claim that they have not committed any crime. In fact, they seek impunity in that impossible Catalan republic that already extends its tentacles to the Balearic Islands, Valencia and part of Aragon, spreading to the Basque Country, Navarre, Galicia, the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Muslim Andalusia under Teresa Rodriguez. What if the elections are brought forward and PSOE proposes a total pardon for insurgents as the main priority?No indultemos a Sánchez

Vertical president

Sanchez's flight forward has no alternative after the resounding defeat in Madrid of Díaz Ayuso, who hit the bull's eye with the word freedom.  The axe of the popular leader has left the PSOE-M battered - it is third out of politics after Más Madrid (i.e. 'More' Podemos). In fact, early May elections have been a special and specific rejection of Sánchez. People have lost respect for him and that is why he is booed everywhere while the King receives applause on Armed Forces Day (though limited) because of the pandemic. 

When a politician cannot go out on the streets, he is politically finished. Adolfo Suárez told me, after a visit to Ciudad Real as president of the UCD and while he was still president of the Executive, that a group of militants rebuked him. "That was the beginning of the end for me", he confessed. It happened to Felipe González when he was booed at the Autonomous University. I was there and I told RNE about it. They called him 'thief' and 'corrupt'. It was the beginning of his end.  Pedro Sánchez, this vertical president 24/7 (twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week) - for the loud and for the authoritarianism of command and control - has his days numbered. The countdown is on.   

Hence the pulse he has thrown at Justice. He has the soul of a visionary Caesar and that is why he is looking for slaves. His challenge to pardon the coup plotters - there is no greater crime in a democracy than trying to break the unity of the homeland - is the next-to-last chapter of his intellectual and moral indigence. A compulsive liar who always believes that the barakah will be on his side because we citizens are fools. Will he extend the pardon to Puigdemont and the fugitives from Waterloo? Will he then continue with the terrorists with blood crimes to satisfy Arnaldo Otegui? Will he forget the rapper Hassel? Will he pardon Pollo Carvajal - who disappeared in Spain - or will he hand him over to the United States for a courtesy call from Biden? Will he explain where Delcy's suitcases are and why he gave 53 million euros to the Plus Ultra airline with one plane only, based in Panama? Will we have access to the reports sent to Brussels to receive the 140 billion euros that will allow him to continue sleeping in La Moncloa until 2024? 
No indultemos a Sánchez 

The severity of pardoning thugs who continue to live off our taxes must have a massive response on the streets. Even Illa now admits that "there is no agenda for reunion" while vice-president Calvo, who believes that "public money belongs to no one", sees indulgence as the way to correct the PP's mistakes and stabilise the country. Another genius. It remains to be seen whether the three magistrates in the Cabinet (Campos, Marlasca and Robles) will heed their conscience and principles or defend the vertical president. None will resign. For sure. Some socialists such as González, Guerra, Leguina, Redondo, Susana Díaz and García Page have already spoken out against pardons because they could be a disgrace for the PSOE.  Vara from Extremadura, as always, backed down.

Ceuta's invasion

The intelligence services (CNI) did not fail to warn the government in advance that Morocco would invade our territory in North Africa. It was the government that failed to listen to anyone. They opened the border gates and between 8,000 and 10,000 subjects invaded the city. It is another version of what happened in the Canary Islands. The third will be Melilla. What they wanted to pass off as a humanitarian crisis was nothing more than a double geopolitical and diplomatic crisis. Mohamed VI made it clear: "Some actions have consequences".  Then we learned that the leader of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, was in hospital in Logroño, and that he had arrived from Algeria in a medical plane that landed secretly at the military base in Zaragoza. His condition was diagnosed as serious: coronavirus and cancer. Doesn't the country that protects the Polisario have hospitals to treat these ailments? Of course, it does.
No indultemos a Sánchez

Minister González Laya, whose name I wish to forget, showed at her hearing that the position is too big for her. Her presence gave her away. In other words, she is incompetent. And also a liar, as the Moroccan ambassador to Spain, Karima Benyaich, denounced when she announced that there were contacts with Rabat, which were immediately denied. How could she bring Ghali with double false documentation and a criminal record in the Spanish National Court? Laya is nobody, so the final decision, despite the position of Interior Minister Grande-Marlasca against it, shows that it was Mr Sánchez Pérez Castejón who made the final decision. From the tenant of the Palace of Santa Cruz we have learned in this convulsive process the depth of her talent, seasoned with five languages: "I am in favour of the public university, but I went to the University of Navarra (private) so as not to waste time". Diplomacy is obviously not your thing. 

The president lacked time to take the Falcon and the helicopter to travel to Ceuta and Melilla and defend 'in situ' the 'Spanishness' of the two cities in the north of the African continent. And he mobilised the army. The boos for abandonment and the blows to the official car confirm that citizens feel helpless by this providential man. The EU came to the rescue but not a single sanction. Quite the opposite: the courageous response of the Council of Ministers was to grant 30 million to the southern neighbour. We are at a dead end. And the blame, as always, lies with the opposition. A shameful spectacle. With such a weak government in the south and northeast, everything is an advantage for the blackmail of Tyrians and Trojans. We are in the worst hands at the worst time. And with no short or long term plan. Just the vaccine.
No indultemos a Sánchez

A trip to the future

While Begoña Gómez is sponsoring a vertical, yellow and sustainable employers' association of separatist SMEs (Compymes), sniffing European funds in the hands of her husband, the Government admits that it will not meet the budgets in Education and Health; while the deficit exceeds 235 billion in 35 months, while we open the doors of tourism wide open, while the doctor-president will from now on punish those who copy exams and doctoral theses at university; while the water war over the Tajo-Segura water transfer continues - it is not true that Moncloa wants to dynamite the Francoist reservoirs or renounce the July and December extra payments -, the mayors feel abandoned by the coronavirus and, while the holidays come to limit the effect of the perverse pardons for the undesirable coup plotters, the president went to the Reina Sofía to present urbi et orbi his 02050 plan. The first zero was superfluous. This man lives trapped in time; between 1936 and 02050. He is not able to solve the ERTES, the unemployment, the dismissals via whatssap in the Valencian public health, the self-employed or the emptied Spain but he challenges us to dream with the 02050.

Some examples: 50% of Spaniards will have a degree and will eat artificial meat; electric vehicles without domestic flights; higher taxes, working longer - Errejón will get it wrong -, "flexible" unemployment, more freelancers, shared housing (with a right to a kitchen?), private pensions... In short, Spain at the head of the world. He didn't say it but he wouldn't mind being there then as prime minister. Nobody like Moncloa Productions prepares these promotional events with notable absences of the IBEX 35 tycoons. Another symptom of the coming decadence. 

Iván Barranco Redondo

The all-powerful secretary general of the Spanish National Security Agency, Iván Redondo, stunned the members of the Joint Commission on National Security of the Congress by announcing the creation of a Spanish Space Agency (AEE), a national NASA, when the Minister of Science, Pedro Duque, had decided to postpone this technological and defence event. The news came as a surprise to the sector. It should be remembered that between 1963 and 1982 there was a similar body: the National Space Research Commission (Conie). But it did not stop there. Sánchez's advisor, with the arrogance of a viceroy, threatened some PP and VOX MPs - "be careful what you say; it seems you are afraid" - and warned before baring his face: "I'll throw myself into a ravine for the president. I'll be with him until the end". He failed to be as specific as Belén Esteban: "I would kill for my daughter".

We already saw him bowing his neck to Torra and now he's turning into a sort of Gallardón's lackey". His arrogance is unbecoming of a communications expert. It reminds us of the penultimate scene of Ernst Lubitsch's "To be or not to be", when the two German pilots jump without parachutes to the shout of "Heil, Hitler" by the fake Fürher. He may be a propaganda expert - like Joseph Göebbels. It is unfortunate that his dog-like loyalty is lodged in a slave soul. He should change his name: Iván Barranco Redondo.

Back to Columbus

The King Felipe and Queen Leticia of Spain presided over the short parade of the Armed Forces yesterday. They were accompanied by the Minister of Defence, Margarita Robles, the Mayor of Madrid, J.L. Martínez Almeida and the acting President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso..  Why didn't the president attend? Fear of booing? Let's leave it at that.
Civil society ha awakened. Back to the beginning. The meeting on June 13 in Colón reconciles us with history. We were there for the last time on 1 February 2019 so that Sánchez would not accept an international rapporteur, as the separatists of the 1-0 coup demanded. And we succeeded. The " photo of the extreme, extreme right" was born from there, because in the end VOX joined in. The left wing has used it knowing that it was a lie. They don't care. Spaniards from all over the world have gathered there to demonstrate against ETA. Not to forget the victims. It has just been 30 years since the Vic massacre, with 10 innocent people killed and 49 wounded, today forgotten. Sanchez and his followers have whitewashed Bildu and now they want to whitewash the coup perpetrators. The goal is to remain in power at any price. 
No indultemos a Sánchez

Now it is civil society that has been summoned to demand Sánchez to say no to the pardons that will try to break up Spain again. The government has decided to take the rancour of losing the 4M elections where they left it: in invisible fascism. We have to go to this appointment with a mask and without a mask (Cayetana dixit) because we run the risk that the peace of conformism will break out and this cowardice will install us in social-communism until 2050. Let us hope that this is the first response in the streets to this despotic and overbearing government after the coronavirus. And not the last. We have more than a hundred reasons not to slit our wrists until November 2023. If Dr Sánchez can touch the horizon of a pardon, his last journey may be near.

Dear compatriots: we were in Barcelona on 8 October 2017; we are coming in 2019 to Plaza de Colón. We are waiting for you here, in the heart of Madrid, on the 13th at noon. The slogan is simple: " Let's not pardon the coup perpetrators. Let's not pardon Sánchez". 

Antonio Regalado, directs BAHIA DE ÍTACA at: aregaladorodriguez.blogspot.com