The new ultra-socialism

Pedro Sánchez, Gabriel Rufián, Carmen Calvo

The Spanish Prime Minister ducked his head as a ruffian reminded him that he was also opposed to pardons and then granted them. "Give us time for the amnesty and the referendum", the ERC spokesman ironised. There is no greater political humiliation, especially when it comes from his own fellow travellers. Sánchez embarked on his tragic week at the Liceo, portraying himself as a magnanimous statesman, appealing to concord, dialogue, forgiveness and mercy. But his indecent and indecent monologue lacked the most important thing: credibility. He duped the head of the CEOE, the trade unions, the Círculo de Empresarios, the Catalan bishops and the Episcopal Conference with money and military merit medals for the IRPF box, and put the nine 1-O coup perpetrators on the street for reasons of "public utility". Like the waters of Lanjarón. Not for justice, not for equity as the law of Grace demands. 

The right to commit a crime

A disgrace. The response was not long in coming. The secessionists came out of the three five-star prisons in Catalonia claiming their right to offend again. "We came out with more enthusiasm and we will do it again". In other words, they announced 'urbi et orbi' that they will try again. 

22 June 2021 will go down in the history of infamy in Spain, along with 23F/81, 11M/2004 and the thousands of black days with ETA attacks. And Pedro Sánchez will be the main protagonist of that accursed day. History will never absolve him for being a coward and an impostor. That Tuesday, against the devastating reports of the Supreme Court and the Public Prosecutor's Office, he let free some coup plotters who endangered the unity of the homeland on 1 October 2017 and who embezzled public funds to destabilise 40 years of democracy. It was already seen coming since he arrived at La Moncloa, but from that moment on, it was officially confirmed that the Government of the Nation itself was and is at the head of the coup d'état, including the three professional magistrates: Campos, Marlaska and Margarita Robles. What a troop! A blow to Justice by dismantling the sentences of a fair trial. 

Asociación Plataforma Víctimas del Terrorismo

In reality, it is a self-indulgence to the Executive itself for its weakness; a payment on account of the letters signed in the investiture debate. Everything has a price. And staying in power with this Frankenstein majority means bowing to the blackmail of the nationalist and separatist mafia: ERC, Junts, CUP, PNV, Bildu, PSC and PSOE. Nobody is innocent here, except Emiliano García-Page.

The Government wanted to sweeten the pardons with the end of the masks and the reduction in VAT on the scandalous electricity bill, but it could not because both strategies are part of Iván Redondo's propaganda. And it no longer holds water. The appearance of Dr Pérez Castejón after kidnapping the journalists was shameful. We were complaining about Rajoy's plasma, long live progressivism and governmental transparency! And our APM in silence. 

After swearing and perjuring in the parliamentary seat that there will be no amnesty or referendum of self-determination, the dancer Iceta -absent in the inauguration of President Díaz Ayuso- comes out and opens the door to the non-binding consultation with improvements for the Statute and more money from European funds. In short, more privileges for criminals. More discrimination for the rest of Spaniards. Maragall's famous asymmetry.  A new appearance of the vertical leader with the dialoguing Secretary General of the UN, António Guterres, to say nothing while his monclovite plumbers described the statements of the head of Public Administrations as a witticism. But let us not fool ourselves: Aragonés and Sánchez have already agreed on a calendar of alliances for September, just when the Executive needs the vote for the 2022 budget.

Pedro Sánchez Pere Aragonés

Regime change

The Dialogue Table between the Generalitat and Moncloa is the continuation of the Pedralbes Pact, which had and has no other objective than to undermine the foundations of the Constitution. We are facing a change of regime to put an end to the Transition. They want to impose a Federal Spain when our State of Autonomies is in fact a federal system. Don't forget: it is a revolutionary process to first neutralise and then dynamite the Parliamentary Monarchy, the last retaining wall after the monarch's speech on 3 October. That is why he has announced "a new project for the country". When and where to? With the Moncloa Factory you never know. It's all science fiction.

There are the enabling laws (Hitler, 1933) that already gag the CJPJ; the law on euthanasia without even asking the Bioethics Committee for information, the Trans Law, the Celaá Law, the reform of the Secession Law so that Puigdemont (subsidised) can return in a crowd, the Law of Democratic Memory, the delay of the preliminary appeal of unconstitutionality, the rules against the Spanish language - Spanish is no longer taught in the Basque Country, Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, Valencia and Galicia - and the new reform of the Court of Auditors so that the coup plotters do not pay for their fraud of more than 10 million Euros. 
"They want to take away our children's flat", cries ERC's released saint Oriol Junqueras. And Professor Más-Collel's little boy, whining to the international community that "his daddy's pension and possessions are going to be seized". He doesn't tell that his father embezzled and authorised others to spend public money to support the coup abroad. They are all corrupt. And they want to corrupt all of us. Including the 12 Nobel Prize winners who have signed a manifesto without even knowing where Catalonia is.
The visit of the collective of released criminals to Waterloo confirms that white cat, black cat, it doesn't matter;
what matters is that the most reactionary forces unite for independence. The photo with the Molt Honorable Aragonés at the door of the Palace in front of the Barcelona City Hall is an unworthy provocation, as unworthy as the humiliating treatment to which the head of state has been subjected in his recent visits to Barcelona with its unpresentable mayoress at the head.  And then they talk about normality... They manipulate language and consciences. They are a public danger.

The pardons will have a negative effect of our Justice in Strasbourg. "A death blow", they say from the High Court. The Council of Europe (which is not an EU body) has already condemned Spain thanks to the facilities given by the government of Pedro Sánchez to a pro-Russian Latvian MP who admitted not having read Judge Marchena's sentence. The evil is done, but there is still much evil to be done. 

The president-actor's journey from the Liceo continued his "path of reunion" on SER and Al Rojo Vivo where he assured that the Court of Auditors is an administrative body. Yes, but it is also constitutional and independent. Sánchez has already personally ordered the State Attorney's Office to withdraw in defence of national interests; prevarication is the name of the game. The idea is that the rebels will get their insurrection for free. Never before have we seen such direct protection from the government and Ferraz for convicted and confessed criminals who do not want to meet with anyone. This is the new pale-faced, Caribbean ultra-socialism. 

Independentismo Cataluña

Double pardon

José Luis Ábalos is not interested in anything. He does the dirty work of the PSOE and the Government like what he is; a political monkey-wrencher. He meets (or not) with his friend Delcy Rodríguez in Barajas and makes his 40 diplomatic suitcases disappear, or denies knowing anything about the 53 million credit to the ghost airline Plus Ultra when his Department granted him two permits for SEPI. Now, he has been the battering ram for shamelessly pressuring the Court of Auditors not to fulfil its obligations. He has demanded that it "not put stones in the way" of the government's dialogue with the independentistas. A lying bully - in Ferraz or in Moncloa - to directly threaten the members of the court - responsible for overseeing and auditing public money - when its mandate is about to expire for some members or to be renewed for others.  

It is clear that he shares Calvo's view that public money belongs to no one, contrary to the lesson taught to us by President Adolfo Suárez when, megaphone in hand during the 1986 elections, he said that "democracy is knowing where every peseta of the taxpayer's money goes".  This is the double pardon that this felon government wants to apply to corrupt politicians, trying to make us believe that its magnanimity restores the vengeance of the sentencing court; it is time for forgiveness, pontificates the PSP-C emperor. In a word: let them take to the streets to preach their victimhood, let them take to the air to encourage the break-up of Spain and, furthermore, let us taxpayers pay for their crime. Is the Treasury going to pardon citizens who defraud? Why should we pay if the government itself exonerates political criminals? Is it going to pardon common prisoners? In the same direction, the ministers Belarra and Montero, respectively, spoke in the same direction. With Echenique as co-pilot.  Whatever.

The third step is to compensate the 3,000, 5,000, 30,000 pro-independence "reprisals". The repression of the Spanish state is so brutal that all the criminals were on the payroll. And the arrival to the Moncloa of the president Aragonés with the yellow ribbon like Torra, confirms that the repression continues. Will there be money for "such a great Spanishist injustice"?  And we haven't even begun to settle accounts with the ETA members led by Otegui. All out on the streets after Marlaska's whitewashing. Great (dirty) work. He can retire now.

Pedro Sánchez Felive VI

The process here is simpler: third degree, public jobs in provincial councils and town halls, agreements with the Social Security -better to break the Caja Única- and decent pensions while José Luis Escrivá -who does not know how to express himself- threatened the children of the baby boom (60s) that they will have to work more years or see their pensions reduced. The rectification after a failed agreement sold as a success in the gardens of the Spring-Summer-Autumn-Winter Palace, by Sánchez-Redondo and gang, has created even more insecurity. But you will see how for the murderous or collaborationist ETA members, who have never been quoted, they immediately found a practical solution. 

The formula was introduced by the Congress of Deputies to pension exiles Carrillo, Pasionaria, Alberti and Co... and the privilege has reached the present day for Cristina Almeida, Jaime Ignacio del Burgo and Juan Pedro Hernández Moltó, among others, who receive the highest pensions in history. Marlasca successfully completed the dirtiest job: laundering terrorists. The Associations of Victims of Terrorism did well by not attending the institutional act in the Congress when the protagonism was led by Bildu deputies on the blue bench next to the Government. It was shameful.

Forgive the dispersion, but Pedro Sánchez's heh heh heh heh heh! reminding Pablo Casado that the one who was going to "condemn" the coup plotters financially was the former Popular Party minister, Margarita Mariscal de Gante, when he imposed Dolores Delgado, "Lola", the sentimental companion of the prevaricating judge Baltasar Garzón, as attorney general of the State.  It takes a lot of guts. But, without a doubt, the beautiful Pedro has them.  As do Laya and Robles, who have been caught by Zaragoza judge Rafael Lasala lying to the Spanish people about the arrival in Spain of Brahim Ghali, the Polisario Front leader who landed from Algeria without identifying himself and then presented himself at a hospital in Logroño under a false name to be treated for coronavirus. Foreign Affairs giving orders to the Army General Staff. Another resounding success of our foreign and defence policy.

Independentismo Cataluña

The Sayas "effect"

Moncloa has transformed the Parliament into a TV set. Just as Pablo Iglesias Turrión (r.i.p.) predicted politically speaking. After the pandemic confined the two Chambers following the State of Alarm - I mean, the real state of emergency -, the institution has been colonised by the ultra-socialist and PSOE Secretary General Pedro Sánchez Pérez Castejón. After two decades as a parliamentary chronicler and having followed Zapatero and Rajoy very closely, I must and do confirm that our president surpasses his two predecessors in audacity (and wickedness disguised as good intentions). Nobody lies or manipulates like him; he changes his mind like a weather vane, but always towards the dark side of Middle Earth. 

From his cut-and-paste doctoral thesis to his unfulfilled promises ("I will not govern with Podemos; I can tell you up to 20 times that we will never agree with Bildu; I promise to bring Puigdemont to trial; the coup plotters must be tried for rebellion, the sentence must be carried out and I will never grant them a pardon), - remember, everything about this man is pure facade.  He is so egomaniacal that he only governs for the half of Spain that cheers him on. He controls everything, and what he does not control he destroys. Starting with the PSOE. By RTVE, by the BOE by the CIS. 

Never has a Prime Minister been so humiliated as on the last Wednesday of June. He went to the plenary session to explain the pardons. Nobody believed him. Neither the opposition nor his fellow travellers... towards the abyss. He received slaps in the face from all sides. And he took them as if he were a boxer. He neither feels nor suffers. He has no empathy with the citizens. He can no longer walk the streets. They have lost respect for him. He is an avatar. Relativism is in his political DNA.  

Independentismo Cataluña

Casado, Abascal, Arrimadas and Oramas all lashed out at him mercilessly. But the most aggressive were the spokespersons of ERC, Junts, CUP, Bildu and PNV. Like someone who hears rain. The president replied in general and was especially cruel to the PP, VOX and Cs. He did not expect the rapapolvo of Sergio Sayas of UPN Navarra Suma). He is 42 years old and has a special talent for detecting impostors.

I go to the Journal of Sessions of the Congress and summarise his speech, because it coincides with that of the vast majority of Spaniards. Sayas, after recalling that on 1 October 2017, Catalan independence perpetrated the greatest blow to our democracy in decades, denounced that "now, Mr Sánchez, you and your government have become accomplices in this coup against Spain". The pardons he has given to those who have been devastating coexistence in Catalonia for years, trampling on the law, imposing a totalitarian ideology, restricting the rights and freedoms of Catalans who do not share his political vision are not magnanimity. "They are an act of miserable cowardice.

They are miserable because you do not grant them thinking of Spain; you do it thinking of yourself. And they are cowardly because they are a true reflection of the subjugation and humiliation of a president who does not have the backing of the Spanish people and who is willing to pay any price to remain in La Moncloa. "Mr Rufián has mocked you and you have no choice but to swallow", he said. It is a lie that the pardons are going to make separatism think again because nationalism needs to live off victimhood. Its demands are constant. When it gets something, the next step is to ask for more. "Nationalism is not defeated by giving in to its blackmail; it is defeated with unity and with the law, and it is fattened by cession and concession. This is the first lesson in politics, Mr President".

Conferencia Episcopal

The MP for Navarre pointed out that, the minute the pardons were granted, Junqueras was calling for a Catalan republic. "The pardon is no longer enough for them, they want amnesty and then a referendum on self-determination. Otegui demanded the release of Eta prisoners and the PNV demanded an independence statute for the Basque Country. "Are you going to give it to them? You are not going to answer me because "your word has no value". He accused the president of having lied so much that he has become a fake of himself and has therefore lost all credibility. The worst thing in a prime minister. We have seen what has happened so far, what we don't know is what will happen from now on. "You are capable of anything; the people of Navarre understood this very quickly because you embraced Bildu. You are not driven by an ideology, you are driven by an ambition: power". 

Sánchez stood crestfallen without looking at the speaker's rostrum. The deputy from Navarre ended up by rubbing his nose in the fact that "you have not been afraid to do away with the equality of Spaniards before the law, with the independence of the judiciary or with the international prestige of our country". After stating that Spain is a full democracy and a free and secure nation, he insisted: "Here we do not take revenge, we take justice". The UPN representative left this warning for separatist sailors: "Forget it; there is no hope for independence in our country. Don't confuse Spain with the government, Sanchismo will pass, but Spain will remain strong and united in exactly the same way as it has been for centuries of history. There is no sovereignty other than the law. Here we do not persecute ideas, we persecute crimes. With Sánchez you can, but not with Spain; Sánchez has less and less time left, Spain has an enormous future ahead of it. Thank you very much. 

Monseñor Sánchez, as Santiago Abascal described him, did not know where to put himself. Nor did he respond to Sergio Sayas whose courageous and moderate speech supports and encourages those of us who continue in the resistance against this massive and despotic Executive. Sánchez has bought time until autumn. He wants the future of Spain to depend on him and the blackmailers of the procés. Agreements must be made in the seat of popular sovereignty: in Parliament. Not outside the walls in shameful tables co-chaired by habitual criminals. That has a name: tyranny.

We do not want a new project for a new country. Nor a new ultra-socialism. It is enough for us to comply with and enforce the Magna Carta of 1978. With the Law of Laws, concord was possible.  We will see things we cannot believe as we learned in 'Blade Runner'. Let's hope that all those moments are lost like tears in the rain. We must stop this permanent involution of this totalitarian ultra-socialism.

Antonio Regalado directs BAHÍA DE ÍTACA at: aregaladorodriguez.blogspot.com