The other side of Janus: COVID-19 helped to improve the psychic and emotional health of the Spanish population


The effects of the coronavirus pandemic in Spain have been disastrous: tens of thousands of deaths, thousands of health workers with profound traumatic consequences, a frightened population and in some cases abandoned to their fate. Nothing to be happy about and proud of. However, on the other side of the coin, the citizens as a whole have at least emerged strengthened in their ability to deal with a new phenomenon. The population has not thrown in the towel. In fact, according to a study carried out by psychologists and professionals from the University of Murcia, people have surpassed themselves.

According to the study, based on field surveys by Professor Oscar Sánchez-Hernández and social psychology specialists Santi García and Ana Canales, 30% of those surveyed offered a high level of resilience, that is, acceptance of adverse reality and overcoming themselves; and 55% more, with average levels of resilience. Only 15% of the population offered low levels of resilience to the pandemic. According to the study, more than half of the population also showed a high degree of psychological well-being. 

For this group of academics from Murcia, the Spanish population has faced the COVID-19 phenomenon, showing self-confidence, independence, decision, power, ingenuity and perseverance; a way of accepting oneself and life, in such terrible circumstances as those we are living with the pandemic, confinement and despair. 

A conclusion derived from this field study is that one of the main weapons with which the Spanish have faced the COVID-19, comes from himself, from his psychic and emotional maturity. The negative external factors that have led to confinement, such as lack of mobility, isolation, and subjection to extreme norms of solitude, have been overcome by the will and drive of the people, who have believed more in themselves than in catastrophic bad omens.

An insightful and timely study to be considered by those who govern and administer society.