Polisario's embarrassment during the World Social Forum in Mexico

Foro Social Mundial México

The 15th session of the World Social Forum held in Mexico, whose activities began last Monday, made it clear that Polisario is not exactly living its best moments. Paradoxically, it was in Mexico, one of its main and historic strongholds, that it suffered one of its biggest setbacks in terms of support.

It happened that, at the conferences organised by its leaders, there was a huge lack of attendance. Barely half a dozen people attended the main event organised by them, and in one of the most emblematic and spectacular settings offered by the event's organisers, the main courtyard of the Palacio de Minería in Mexico City, no less.

With a sepulchral silence, and the place turned into a wasteland, the organisers tried to move their conference forward under the reverberating noise of their own echo. With almost all the chairs empty, the promoters of the fiasco fell into a state of embarrassment and bewilderment. The failure of the Polisario's participation abroad, outside its comfort zone, is thus evident, although in this case it was a major surprise as Mexico has always been one of those zones. This failure contrasts with Morocco's growing diplomatic power and its involvement in the search for a solution to the Sahara issue through autonomy that would put a definitive end to a conflict that has plagued the region for decades.

The scorn received by the Polisario at the World Social Forum in Mexico is the natural result of new transformations, at regional or international level, as a different vision is beginning to emerge from different quarters and a change of direction is emerging in the light of the latest political developments surrounding the issue.

Thus, we witness the defeat of the Polisario Front in one of its most important strongholds in Latin America, and we also see the defeat of its leaders in a country that its own leader visited in 2018, and which to a large extent boasted of its support to Algerian newspapers and Polisario media in a grandiloquent manner at the time.

Ultimately, despite attempts these days by the Polisario-friendly media to misinform by promoting the successful participation of these events, the reality has revealed the opposite. The photos leave no room for doubt, and a picture is worth a thousand words.