Saudi Arabia's positive transformations

Mohammed bin Salman and Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, Crown Prince and King of Saudi Arabia

At all stages of the change process, inspirational leaders in conservative countries face major obstacles and challenges. When they overcome them, others emerge that can be more complex and ramified than the previous ones. The main reason for this phenomenon, from my own perspective, is that the vast majority in these societies are afraid of change because they believe it is a danger that threatens their religious values, and at the same time their social and cultural heritage. For these reasons, they strongly resist any form of change with empty pretexts and justifications out of fear of something unknown that could lead to radical change at both the thought and ethical levels. Therefore, they see it as a real destructive separation, according to their beliefs, from the patriotic identity that distinguishes them from others.

While developed societies are going through a permanent change that has nothing to do with the imaginative threat against the principles and values of those societies, as alleged by the obscurantist groups that are affected by the conspiracy theory through linking it to some aspects of moral decadence that can be found in some modern countries.

These fundamentalist groups have used their pulpits over the decades to ingrain the idea that any kind of change will be the beginning of the westernisation of society and the first step on the ladder away from their religious and social constants. 

The reality is quite the opposite. Change is to develop and modernise various aspects of life both socially and intellectually so that individuals become more capable of interacting with the great advance of contemporary civilisation on the basis that they are part of the cosmic movement that extends into all parts of our lives. Furthermore, change always leads to a great increase in consciousness, and faith in the greatness of their religious and cultural heritages so that they are able to keep pace with human developments on our planet.

Indeed, it is very difficult to find a concrete expression to describe the stage that Saudi society has been going through for the past five years. All I can say in this context is that I am proud of the magnificent achievements at the social and developmental level thanks to the reform plans that are adopted by the godfather of change, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, whose words have had the greatest impact on the consciousness and minds of young Saudis, as he became a source of inspiration and ambition to overcome obstacles and challenges on our path to a prosperous future.

Saudi society is going through a phase full of positive transformations thanks to the government's public policies that drove the wheel of change with unparalleled generosity, harnessing all that is material and human to achieve this ambitious goal.

This strong start eradicated the roots of extremism and fundamentalism from the social context of the society and caught the attention of many international news agencies that follow with great enthusiasm the successive positive developments in the Kingdom, praising the qualitative progress that is occurring at different levels within a short period of history.

Eid Aldhafeeri, Saudi diplomat and writer/The Diplomat