When September arrives


The fifty days of heat apocalypse since May will be automatically discounted in hell. We have reached August scorched in all directions. Two hundred thousand hectares razed to the ground. Salamanca, Zamora, Cáceres and Galicia have borne the brunt. The earth, always the earth, puts its oblivion in the way. Two dead. Sixteen hundred more because of the heat wave. Lack of water will provoke the biggest wars of this century. We need to build reservoirs, even if they are sanchistas.                                                                      


Enforce the law

This progressive government won't let us clean up the forests or pick a pine cone and then they explode like hand grenades. Brother wolf continues to eat the sheep. Arsonists record their exploits on TikTok. Never legislate in the heat of the moment and no one remembers to legislate in the cold. "When the forest burns, something of yours burns, Count", the great Perich taught us. Subsidised urban environmentalism perverts everything. The worst July of the century is gone. Come September the recession will haunt us like a curse into the next decade. 

The president rests in the Canaries in the palace of La Mareta. Like a king. As much peace he brings as tranquillity he leaves us. Let's hope we taxpayers don't have to pay for the stay of his basketball friends.

His latest pharaonic decree [may it be so written and so fulfilled] is that of energy saving measures. An improvisation like so many others that has not been agreed with anyone and may be unconstitutional.  Pedro is a one-man army that monologues and rides on permanent contradictions. He takes off his cork, like Miguel Sebastián (2009), but to get to the Torrejón base he climbs into a superpuma that uses 180 litres to cover 26 kilometres. And then, straight to the Falcon. The visit to the burnt Monfragüe in Extremadura with Audi 8 was at the top. He preaches austerity and practices wastefulness. Half of the ministries and three quarters of the advisers are left over. Pedro, put us all on the Zarzuela Hippodrome, even if it is only at the Zarzuela Hippodrome! 

On leaving the Marivent office with King Felipe VI, Don Pedro and his government of dobermans attacked Isabel Díaz Ayuso by land, sea, air and galactic space for responding to this "energy sharia" in a clear way: "Madrid does not shut down". 


"The law must be obeyed," says Dr Sánchez. He, who has been condemned by the TC doubly for the unconstitutionality of the confinement; by the Central Electoral Board for using La Moncloa in campaigning for partisan purposes, and by the Supreme Court after hiding basic data in the Transparency Law.  This man who has broken our energy sovereignty by breaking off friendly relations with Algeria after handing over Western Sahara to Morocco without knowing why. This providential man who blames Putin for the rise in the CPI and pays for the invasion of Ukraine by injecting roubles into Gazprobank. 

Sánchez is an impostor who lies beyond his means. He rails against Ayuso, but Abel Caballero, the mayor of Vigo, allows him without reproach to announce that Christmas will be brighter than New York and ignores (submissively) the PNV's rebellion with this Royal Decree. He has created a political (electoral) cabinet in the west wing with Bolaños, Marlaska, Darias and Montero to provoke society, divide it and lead us to a Third Republic with five or six republiquets of Taifas. 

The most presidentialist president with the least popular support in history is acting as if he were Manuel Azaña. The personal attacks on Botín, Galán, Feijóo and Abascal are a battle he knows he cannot lose because he has European funds in his hands to favour his Indra-PRISA cronies. He also knows that Santander will not withdraw its shares in EL PAIS-SER. And RTVE and the private and digital media are being hit with 250 million of generous public subsidies.

The state attorney general's office has been handed over to a clone of the lady of the prevaricating judge Garzón. Now all that remains is to renew the Court of Guarantees so that Conde Pompidu can "stain his toga with the dust of the road". Convention and Constituents. King's disavowal. De-judicialisation of the 2017 coup d'état, compensation for the seditious, a dignified exit for Puigdemónt and his gang, persecution of Spanish in the classrooms and in the streets; imposition of Catalan, Basque, Galician, Valencian, Balearic, Bable and Aragonese also in a Congress of Babel and amnesty for coup plotters and ETA terrorists, referendums on self-determination and the balkanisation of Spain. 

A roadmap that Sanchez himself is championing. In August, the unworthy Marlasca is speeding up the transfer of bloodthirsty prisoners near their homes in the north. They are to be included in the generous life pensions before the end of the year. The strategy is clear: dismantle the state in the Basque Country, Navarre and Catalonia. With the CNI mortally wounded by Bolaños' Pegassus botch-up, Margarita now graciously agrees to withdraw anti-terrorist agents from separatist territories and the Interior Minister illegally displaces the Guardia Civil from maritime surveillance to hand it over to the Mossos de Esquadra. Meanwhile, there are not enough police to stop the hashish mafias in Cadiz, Granada, Malaga, Almeria or for Operation Crossing the Strait. Not to mention the lack of police at airports, in Ceuta, Melilla, the Balearic and Canary Islands.


Honest criminals

The CIS polls, the citizens' response at the ballot box in Madrid and Andalusia and the irresistible rise of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, have laid bare a PSOE that has been corrupt for four decades as a continuation of the party's history of plunder since its foundation. Prieto, Negrín, Largo Caballero, Felipe González (Filesa, Malesa, Time Sport, Orphans of the Civil Guard, Red Cross, GAL) have had their continuity in Cháves and Griñán, Maleni, Zarrias, Lanzas and Gerrero (r.i.p.) who invested 25,000 euros a month in cocaine. A whole social shield to protect the militants. 

The ERES are the biggest theft of public money in democracy. But Chaves and Griñán are two honest men. And honourable. Like Brutus after assassinating Julius Caesar in the Senate of Rome. Will the PSOE return the plunder of the banks of Asturias in 1934, the gold from Moscow delivered by Negrín to Russia without being received, or the confiscation of the private coffers of the Bank of Spain and the numismatic treasures embarked on the Vita and privately managed by Don Indalecio? It is said that on his deathbed he regretted his rapacity, but he never returned a peseta. 

In Andalusia Susana Diaz and M.J. Montero took it upon themselves to harass judge Mercedes Alaya until she was removed from the case, mistreating her psychologically to the point that she has just returned to her career after several months off work due to insomnia, and they never accused their bosses. So they will get off scot-free.   


The president has described these criminals as "honest men"; very honest, perhaps, but not honest at all. And he says that with the sentence "they will pay the just for sinners". This is the double standard of the left, which has benefited without measure from doping elections from 1982 to 2019. And there are still 130 open cases for prevarication and embezzlement of public funds. Sánchez the Magnanimous will pardon and amnesty them in June 23, together with the secessionists and the direct heirs of ETA. Everything remains in the convent.

We already know that the family that hustles together stays together. Let them tell this to the sons and brothers of Chaves, to the Puig family and Valencian socialism, to Armengol's friends in the Balearic Islands and to the UGT in Madrid. Commissions of enquiry in the left? None, neither on the abuse of abused girls nor on the irregular financing of the Socialist Party. Podemos always supporting corruption.

The Pujols, the Ceaucescus and the Andalusian socialists are the biggest thieves in Europe since World War II. It is worth remembering this when it comes to voting.  

We are comforted to know that the leader of the opposition, Núñez Feijóo is not in favour of Griñán and associates going to prison and is convinced that the PSOE is not a corrupt party. OK. And because of the convictions of Bárcenas and the Gürtel convictions that siphoned off a little more than 50 million, is the PP also clean of the sin of corruption? "To er mundo es güeno", for the Galician leader.

Climate change

From the Flood to the present day, climate change depends especially on the sun. The measures being taken by the UN experts are wrong. And now the invasion of Ukraine is aggravating the problem by restrictions and dependence on gas, oil, cereals and fertilisers. 

The vice president, Teresa Ribera, is now demanding what she disdained two months ago. She accuses Madrid of lack of solidarity with Europe when it is Madrid that does not heed the guidelines of the Commission and the Parliament that have declared gas and nuclear energy to be green energies. They have not even considered extending the useful life of the plants in use. Nuclear, never. Is this not a lack of solidarity with the EU.

Blinder than Merkel, who gave in to Moscow via Schröeder.  Between chancellors there was submission: the one closing nuclear and coal-fired power plants, the other surrendering to Gazprom for millionaire salaries and commissions. Two visionary collaborationists surrendered to Moscow's rouble.

This Sanchist regulation should have been passed as an organic law, not as a Royal Decree. The authoritarianism of the social-communist government consolidates its survival while it further polarises society. The podemite Ángela Rodríguez, Secretary of State for Equality, has explained it clearly. "We know that being in government is an anomaly and that's why we have the "legislative diarrhoea" we have, lest the good luck run out tomorrow".  Right. So let's turn the deputies into "law treaters".  The trans laws, the law on official secrets, the law on the protection of animals, the laws hibernating in the Constitutional Court, the law on Democratic Memory and the law on Official Secrets are so ideologically biased that they stink. 

The latter, on the pretext that it dates back to Franco's time, is claimed by nationalists and separatists to justify, with the actions of the GAL and the 23F for example, the laundering of the entire ETA universe, which will even come out with a reinforced moral authority that will give lessons to us democrats: "ETA brought the worst and the best", says the infamous Minister of the Interior. And the new attorney general, Álvaro García Ortiz, also maintains that "there is no Miguel Ángel Blanco case". The PP cannot support laws that dismantle the Transition. And that is what all of Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón's associates are in favour of. Can't they see it?

At this point, Minister Bolaños, who has become Don Pedro's valide, officiates in all the sanctuaries, always pandering to the enemies of Spain. The unconditional surrender to the eradication of Spanish in Catalonia and acting as protector so that the funding does not run out for the honourable Aragonés, makes him the architect of the fact that, thanks to the corruption trial of Borràs, he can break the former Convergencia. The votes of Illa's PSC are already available to save the budget from waste. And the separatism of ERC.

Setting the spending ceiling at 198 billion means that, with the accumulated debt, the deficit would force us in the immediate future to live in a war economy. This executive does not know two key words of Adolfo Suárez's mandate: ethics and austerity. The PSOE is always in electoral mode. And in buying wills.


The July standstill, according to the EPA (Labour Force Survey) puts us on the brink of the abyss. Two pieces of information: car sales fell by 12.5% last month. This is the most reliable indicator of the economic and social health of Spaniards. And two: 200,000 self-employed have disappeared since January as they have not been able to overcome the pandemic crisis. The scandalous rise of the CPI to 10.8 % annually and the core CPI - excluding energy prices at 6.1 % - take us back to the 1980s. The ECB wants to break inflation with a timid rise of 0.5 points and this will be felt in the price of money, mortgages, employment and pensions. This means layoffs.

In his assessment of the political year, the prophet president focused his attention on climate change in order to avoid conflictive issues: the high cost of the shopping basket, energy sovereignty, Morocco, mafias in the Strait of Gibraltar, small boats from Algeria, Western Sahara and a stony silence on military aid to Ukraine. 

Minister Robles in her visit to Ambassador Serhii Pohorelkstsev confirmed that our Leopards in Zaragoza have been dismantled for years and that the urgent "military" aid will be boots and winter clothes for the population. Now we discover that we have not invested in armaments for a decade. The Ukrainians are fighting the invader and need heavy weapons, not solidarity slingshots. 

Former minister José Bono doubly disappointed me when he said on La Sexta that the right thing to do is to hand over the Sahara to Morocco [he did not explain the trade-offs or the uncertain future of the Polisario Front or Algeria's response] and neither should we arm Kiev. Suddenly he has become a podemite, his conscience has been pricked by the shameful withdrawal of Spanish troops from Iraq, or he has forgotten to reread Sun Tzu's Art of War. "Without weapons and food you cannot defeat the enemy". 


A change of direction

The elections of May 21 in Madrid and 19-J-22 in Andalusia have left Ferraz out of the game. The changes in the politburo are not going to do more than what Caesar himself is transmitting: radicalised populism. Hate with all hands. Montero, Alegría and López (Don Patxi) don't seem to excite people much more than Adriana Lastra. Sánchez is an agitator for life. As the master Raúl del Pozo defined him well, "he orders, commands and spends". With full hands because public money -Carmen Calvo dixit- "belongs to no one". For him, everyone is an altar boy, including the "sumanda" Yolanda Díez. 

This vacuum of Monclovite and Ferrazista ideas has only one objective: to attack the PP (Feijóo and Ayuso) and VOX (Abascal). They have no ideas, they are pissed off. And they are dangerous. Therefore, the Popular Front that plagiarises and manipulates the bodies and beaches (Equality), the tie (presidency) and the vulvas in Honduras (Foreign Affairs) when September arrives will have no alternative plan for water scarcity, nor for consolidating energy and food sovereignty. No.


They will throw themselves into winning the Civil War lost 86 years ago; to demolish the Cross of the Valley of the Fallen if Isabel Diaz Ayuso does not classify it as an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC), to amnesty criminal politicians and murderous ETA members, and then, if they have time, they will deal with unemployment (12.6%), the electricity, gas and butane bills. 

Calviño, who has lied to us since before she was vice-president 1st , leaves behind the triumphalism of Sanchez and repeats the mantra of Mrs Van der Leyen: "We must prepare for the worst". Of course, the data must be interpreted with different eyes. Those of Yo-yolanda's labour reform The miracle will be to make ends meet. The winter will be too long. And too cold. 

We suffer from an overbearing government and a conformist and possibilist opposition. In a Gil Robles style. Vox is out of place. The redemptive decalogue of Ciudadanos on its deathbed is a return to the hope in freedom of the CDS. Thank you, Adolfo. But... there is no return to the past, dear Inés del alma mía. Let us hope that this government will pass the unfinished business of June. But with the Celáa law there is no problem. We will pass the course without learning anything. This will be the most decisive autumn of our lives. 

Antonio REGALADO directs BAHÍA DE ÍTACA in.