‘Esto no va de Trump’: an illustrated review of the U.S. President's policies

The book by José María Peredo and Begoña Moreno on Donald Trump's term of office is presented in Madrid on October 1st, one month before the US presidential elections
Cover 'Esto no va de Trump'

 -   Cover 'Esto no va de Trump'

Catarata publishers and Atalayar magazine will present the book 'Esto no va de Trump' ("This is not about Trump") on October 1st at 12:30 in the Gabriela Mistral Amphitheatre in Madrid. The event will be attended by the authors José María Peredo and Begoña Moreno, and will be presented by the diplomat Inocencio Arias and the journalists Carlos Franganillo and Vicente Vallés.  

'Esto no va de Trump', published by Catarata publishing house thanks to the sponsorship of Atalayar between two shores, is an open and cross-cutting critical interpretation of international and US policy during Donald Trump's term as President of the United States.  

Each of the pages in this book is a unique lesson in understanding Trump's rise to power and the inevitable consequences and how international principles work in today's world. 

The book compiles some of the articles that José María Peredo has written for La Razón and Atalayar between two shores published between the autumn of 2016 and the winter of 2019. On the other hand, Begoña Moreno's illustrations accompany the texts and try to visually contextualize the main themes. This selection of articles has a prologue by the journalist and director of the magazine Atalayar between two shores, Javier Fernández Arribas.

The work is divided into three blocks: Ideas and Networks, American Politics and Foreign Policy. The first deals with current affairs in democracy, culture and communication; in American Politics the book develops and analyses campaigns, environments, leaders, foreign and security policy and the Presidency in the United States. The third block examines relations and the existing context with China, North Korea, Europe, France, the Middle East, Russia and Venezuela. 

The authors 

José María Peredo Pombo is Professor of Communication and International Policy at the Universidad Europea de Madrid, where he teaches Journalism and Political Communication, Foreign Image and Public Diplomacy, and Foreign Policy. He heads the European Media Lab and the International Relations Observatory in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication. His main lines of research are US foreign policy, international communication and public opinion, and Spanish cooperation. He has published several books and scientific articles in journals in his field of expertise. He has written the blog Política USA by J. M. Peredo in La Razón and maintains a blog on international politics in the magazine Atalayar

Begoña Moreno is creative director at the design and illustration studio MalditaMaldita. She has a PhD in Advertising and a Masters in Environment and CSR, and teaches at the Universidad Europea de Madrid subjects related to creative thinking and corporate identity. She leads a team of students specialising in creativity, called Pitching Minds, which has won over forty awards at national and international festivals such as El Sol, el Chupete and the One Show. She has developed her career in the advertising sector in national and multinational agencies such as McCann-Erickson or Delvico Bates in the area of Art Direction.