2,880 fixed and 7,000 mobile vaccination posts to administer vaccines in Morocco

Morocco to launch coronavirus vaccination campaign next week
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The vaccines in Morocco against the coronavirus, produced by the laboratories AstraZeneca and Sinopharm, will be administered by 2,880 fixed points (health centres, universities, prisons, workplaces) and 7,000 mobile points, according to the web portal created ad hoc by the Ministry of Health.

The vaccination campaign will begin this week, although the exact date has not been specified, and the first AstraZeneca batch (two million doses), which arrived in Casablanca from India on Friday, has already begun to be distributed to the various regions of Morocco.

The Sinopharm batch is expected to arrive next Wednesday.

The government has established the following categories of people with priority for the vaccine: over 75 years old, medical and health personnel over 40 years old, teaching staff over 45 years old, the army and "public authorities" without age specification.

All those who fall into these categories, including foreigners residing in the country, can request their appointment telematically or by SMS and will be called for vaccination in two batches, with an interval of 21 days for Sinopharm and 28 days for AstraZeneca.

King Mohammed VI recently announced that the vaccine will be free for all, but the price paid by the Moroccan state to the two laboratories to obtain the doses has not been disclosed, at a time of global pressure on all vaccine producers.

Excluding the population under 18, the aim of the campaign is to vaccinate 25 million people, which will require 50 million doses to guarantee "collective immunity".