The Ambassador of the Emirates pays an official visit to Extremadura

Majid al-Suwaidi stressed the importance of taking advantage of the options available in the Extremadura community and in the Emirate in different sectors of development and growth
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Majid al-Suwaidi, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the Kingdom of Spain, has paid an official visit to the autonomous region of Extremadura, during which he held several meetings with senior officials of the government of the Junta de Extremadura, as well as with representatives of the most important companies and investment authorities in the region.

During the visit, both Al-Suwaidi and Guillermo Fernández Vara, President of the Regional Government of Extremadura, and Rafael España Santamaría, Minister of Economy, Science and Digital Agenda of Extremadura, highlighted the most powerful opportunities to strengthen cooperation between the authorities of the region and the UAE in the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) sectors.

atalayar_embajador emiratos extremadura

In the same context, the ambassador stressed the importance of leveraging the available capacities, experiences and best practices in Extremadura and the UAE in the different areas of development and growth in order to create appropriate opportunities to establish mutually beneficial common programmes and projects.

Furthermore, Al-Suwaidi pointed out the value and importance of creating avenues for direct dialogue between companies in the UAE and Extremadura, with the aim of activating economic initiatives leading to joint projects, which will encourage private sector and economic cooperation in order to develop business activity between the two parties.

atalayar_embajador emiratos extremadura

Majid al-Suwaidi concluded his official visit with a business day organised in cooperation with Extremadura Avante with the aim of raising awareness of the powerful sectors and opportunities available in the UAE for the most important companies in the region of Extremadura. Al-Suwaidi also gave a presentation on the facilities and advantages offered by the UAE that Spanish companies wishing to make their way into the UAE market can benefit from, as well as encouraging them to attend and participate in the Spanish pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.