ASADEDH and DHSF join forces to fight for the release of Saharawi political prisoners in Algeria

Communiqué on the role of the Polisario Front in political persecution
Atalayar_Sáhara Occidental Tinduf Argelia

PHOTO/REUTERS  -   Boudjdour refugee camp in Tindouf, southern Algeria

The Saharawi Association for the defence of human rights and the NGO, Human Rights Without Borders, have signed on this date a collaboration agreement to redouble their efforts to achieve the release of Saharawi political prisoners held in secret prisons run and controlled by the Polisario Front in Algerian territory.

Solidarity activities will take place in Europe and Latin America, where informative seminars will be scheduled on the detention of detainees, the number of disappeared prisoners and details of clandestine places where torture and torment are applied.

The findings will be sent to civil society organisations, government authorities, parliaments and cultural workers.

Overcoming the obstacles presented by the pandemic, the leaders of both organisations have met face to face in an atmosphere of friendship and sincere collaborative effort to redouble their efforts in the defence of Human Rights.

Friday 05 February 2021.

Ramdan Mesaud Larbi

President. Sahrawi Association for the Defence of Human Rights.

Juan Carlos Moraga D.

Director (S) Human Rights Without Borders