Association Dr. Jaime Campos-Castelló, an innovative proposal so that we all win at the same time that we add up to the social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities

In a simple way, each one of us can contribute with our daily gestures and needs, which will be rewarded thanks to the generosity of each one of the companies that collaborate with the Association
Inclusion of persons with disabilities


The main objective of the Dr. Jaime Campos-Castelló Association is to promote an economically viable model to encourage the social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities, whatever it may be, as an essential complement to labour inclusion. The supervised and/or training flats, which are already managed by third reference entities, are the ideal framework to guarantee this social inclusion. 

The key and the great advantage of this model is that all those who participate in it, without exception, always benefit from it. It is as simple as 

  1. Solve some of our daily needs directly with the companies linked to the Association.
  2. Once we have solved our problem, without any extra cost for us, we manage to benefit many more people.

Who in their daily life does not need to send a parcel, refuel, take out insurance, mobility solutions, learn languages, contract care for the ones we love the most, lawyers, travel, alarms, cameras, printers, electricity & gas...?

Each of these everyday gestures becomes an opportunity to add up in a supportive way and without ever implying an "extra" outlay for us.

Society as a whole, the families, the collaborating companies and all the direct beneficiaries of the flats always win. Everyone is rowing in the same direction, adding common interests and enhancing synergies. 

Who would not support a solidarity model that is 100% sustainable, circular, transparent and intelligent?

How does this win-win model work?

SEUR, GALP, O2-TELEFÓNICA, CANON, VIVE LIBRE, GAES AMPLIFON, DELYSER, COLABORA ENERGÍA, SIDIOMS, ARGUS, SERVICIO HOGAR, MARCO ALDANY, MAPFRE, SECURITAS DIRECT... are waiting to solve your personal need, to automatically make a donation at no extra cost to you.

As simple as finding your solution through the Association's website,

"It is fortunate to have all the brands supporting this new approach to their Social Responsibility. And not least the support of the first-rate sponsors we are fortunate to have. They all contribute to giving greater visibility to this new concept of positive, impactful, committed solidarity, which allows us all to benefit directly and indirectly in many ways, while at the same time we can contribute and leave our mark", says Yago Campos, founder of the Association.

This model is designed so that any of us can always benefit and with the commitment and guarantee that 100% of the income, absolutely everything, goes to the supervised and/or training flats.

We are all the protagonist of this innovative economic model for the sustainable generation of solidarity income. Contributing to take a very important step to guarantee the future of these people, of the entities that support them and the immediate positive social and economic repercussion that this implies. 

This is what our godmothers and godfathers, Carlos Latre, Leo Harlem, Agatha Ruíz de la Prada, Espido Freire, Antonio Resines, Andrés Aberasturi and Lorenzo Silva, among many others, have valued.

We invite you to take a step forward in your next purchase. 

"Buy with Solidarity Impact".