Attack in Afghanistan leaves at least two dead, 19 injured

This attack is the first to be carried out after the full withdrawal of US troops

COPYRIGHT 2021/MOD  -   Members of the British and US Armed Forces at work at Kabul airport on 21 August 2021

Terrorism in Afghanistan has only just begun. At least two people have been killed and 19 injured in a new attack in eastern Afghanistan. The attack would be "the first major attack" to take place on Afghan soil after the withdrawal of US troops ended on 31 August.

The bombing took place on Saturday morning in the city of Jalalabad, capital of the eastern province of Nangarhar. Among the casualties, only three of the wounded are civilians. The rest are Taliban who were reportedly deployed in the city "to maintain security", an unnamed source told EFE. 

AFP/ NOORULLAH SHIRZADA - In this photo taken on November 17, 2019, members of the Islamic State (IS) group gather after surrendering to the government of Afghanistan in Jalalabad, capital of Nangarhar province.

This attack follows another explosion in Kabul following the detonation of a magnetic bomb in the east of the capital, which caused no casualties, according to Taliban police officials.

The blasts are among the first major attacks since the Taliban took control of the country with the fall of Kabul and the subsequent flight of former President Ghani.  

AFP/ NOORULLAH SHIRZADA - Islamic State militants detained by the Afghan government are presented to the media in Kabul, Afghanistan, Saturday, Dec. 21, 2019.

The latest attacks occurred in the vicinity of Kabul airport after two explosions killed 183 people, mostly civilians, and injured hundreds more.

The Nangarhar area is one of Daesh's main areas of operation in Afghanistan. In recent years, the region has been the scene of numerous clashes between terrorists, Taliban groups and Afghan and foreign troops.

AFP/AKIL KOHSAR  -  Medical staff carry a wounded man on a stretcher to be treated after two explosions, outside Kabul airport on 26 August 2021AFP

However, the fight against terrorism in the area has not been enough. Operational cells of Daesh continue to threaten important parts of the territory and have now become the main threat to the Taliban, who are trying to dissociate themselves from any terrorist attack in order to continue to count on international validation.

These attacks may mark the beginning of a longer campaign of terror in the country. Following the spread of this type of terror, terrorists would seek to sow even more chaos in the country and make it even more insecure.