Barça for sale

The humiliation he was subjected to by the Bayern, exposes the club's model
Barça for sale


The 2-8 will remain for the black history of the Barça. That one that already has the chapters of the comebacks that it suffered before the Rome and the Liverpool. Two eliminatory ones that opened an enormous route in the line of flotation of the Catalan equipment and left in evidence their model of club. 

Rome and Liverpool were the two nails in Valverde's grave. Everything he could do well was taken away for 180 minutes and put a very lost directive on alert. Valverde left the leading team, playing something else, but playing. With a wealthy squad that had Messi with a crooked nose because he didn't like what he saw. Bartomeu led the chaos and finished off the play by signing a coach of the bunch who one day played well in the Camp Nou and who will leave Barça after betraying his own style. And all this in six months, four of which have been confined to their homes. 

Setién and Sarabia have been strangers in Barcelona. Two guys from a different kind of football who were reaching the elite like Paco Martinez Soria when he played in Madrid. Barça and Real Madrid eat at a different table and need special service. The conversation between Messi and Setién before the Champions League was the same as the Argentinean had with Luis Enrique but without results. That Griezmann was a regular on the bench was another attack by Setién's coach. Attacks that have to be handled with the left hand. Give and receive. Pulling the strings of those giant egos. The Frenchman has fallen badly in that dressing room and until a coach interested in returning him to his level arrives he will not have minutes. 

Messi warned in February that playing as they were doing they had nothing to do in the Champions. And he nailed it. A warning to his coach that Setién didn't understand. To that we must add the public treatment that the Argentinean gave Abidal to understand that something smells bad in Camp Barça. 

Pique was put up for sale after the Bayern Munich debacle. But things are not settled with his departure, nor with the departure of Vidal, Rakitic, Setién or Bartomeu. The course will depend on what Barcelona choose to reassemble their model. Because you know the way. Cruyff and Guardiola. One wrote the code of their football and the other interpreted it. What came next were patches. One after the other. Including Luis Enrique who won, but didn't convince. 

#Without Bartomeu
Bartomeu is a bad musician. His gestures give him away. After the league restart he appeared in front of the microphones to complain about the referees. He did so without foresight and after the players in the dressing room counted him out. He also appeared after the humiliation in the finals of Champions 2020. He announced profound changes and left. But he knows that those changes are to leave and let others do the work. 

Xavi will be the one chosen by Barça. He is the perfect coach to try to recover what Guardiola left. But to leave the comfortable Saudi dictatorship to go to Barcelona is to have someone do his dirty work for him first. If Ronaldinho or Deco were left over when Pep appeared, there are now many players who do not fit in. From Rakitic, who they were unable to sell in the winter, to the controversial Vidal, to the very Luis Suarez and Busquets who are the meat of MLS. 

The directive that dares this cleanup will begin to lay the foundations of the new Barça. Then there will be the transfers. For those who have no money. The club squandered Neymar's dark sale on players with more signatures than football. Dembelé and Coutinho were the two works of art with which they wanted to decorate the museum of the Camp Nou. They wanted marketing and they got marketing, but not titles. 

May the 2-8 be the touch of attention for all those who feel the Barça. That they realize that they have sold the club and now they need to recover it. Bartomeu must balance the accounts and leave the institution to new ideas. The limitation of mandates in the Barça should be example for the rest of clubs. Renewing the model for moving forward is mandatory. Bartomeu arrived without wanting to and now he has an uncomfortable year left if he decides to continue.