The best hunting weapons are on display at ADIHEX 2022

Emirati companies such as Caracal and Tasleh showcase their products and innovations during the exhibition in Abu Dhabi
venta de armas de caza en la exposición ADIHEX


Leading companies in the hunting arms market are present at the 19th edition of the Abu Dhabi Hunting and Equestrian Art Exhibition, ADIHEX, the most important in the Middle East and Africa.

These include companies such as the Emirati company Caracal, which ranks among the largest defence companies in the world. Caracal specialises in handguns and rifles, so it has a strong expertise in hunting weapons, which are highly valued by hunting enthusiasts.

For these reasons Caracal has a privileged place in this edition of ADIHEX. Hamad Alameri, Caracal's CEO, was very positive about the firearms company's participation in the ADIHEX fair. "CARACAL has made incredible progress in recent years to bring high-performance, accurate and extremely reliable small arms to market, both in the UAE and abroad. Adopting the UAE's Industry 4.0 and 'Make it in the Emirates' initiatives with an innovative mindset has led CARACAL to produce a diverse portfolio of advanced firearms that stand out in the international small arms market for their unique, industry-leading designs. This year, we are proud to showcase globally competitive UAE products to the public," said Alameri just days before the start of the ADIHEX show in Abu Dhabi.

The Caracal company is the leading light of the UAE's defence industry. Since the early 2000s, its handguns have been the standard issue for the UAE's armed forces and law enforcement agencies.

Another Emirati company, Tasleeh, is also present at ADIHEX. Tasleeh is dedicated to military-type products that are also used in hunting. In addition, it also has a wide range of airguns for use in hunting smaller game, mainly birds.Tasleeh participates in ADIHEX together with its partners in the production of firearms for self-defence. Among them is the Italian Tanfloglio, which specialises in small arms for sporting and defensive use.

For the enjoyment of the participants, Tasleeh has set up a shooting practice stand at ADIHEX where those who visit ADIHEX will be able to see how its products work first hand.

adihex venta de armas de caza emiratos

The products that ADIHEX offers to hunting enthusiasts are not only weapons. The participants' stands bring the latest innovations in binoculars, footwear, clothing and a whole range of accessories for hunting in its various forms and climatic environments. In the 2021 edition of ADIHEX, more than 2,000 hunting items were sold, worth 29 million UAE dirhams. All with the close cooperation of the UAE Ministry of Interior, whom Majid Al Mansouri, Chairman of the ADIHEX Organising Committee, thanks for his great help in making the fair a safe space in addition to regulating all these transactions in accordance with Emirati law.

The organisation, in collaboration with the Emirati state authorities, has launched a "guide for the hunting arms sector" with all the indications that those interested in acquiring one should follow. A copy of the guide is available online on the ADIHEX website. The UAE authorities have also put in place a special licensing system to speed up procedures for the duration of the exhibition.

Each UAE national, who has reached the age of 21, has the possibility to purchase three weapons at the exhibition. Other nationalities may also purchase hunting weapons, but must present a certificate of no objection from their country stating the number of pieces and types allowed for them.

Weapons that can be purchased at ADIHEX are hunting rifles, pistols up to 9 mm calibre, heritage swords and daggers, hunting knives, wooden and plastic archery units, and air pistols under 8 joules that do not require a licence. Minors may purchase weapons, but must obtain parental or guardian consent. Air pistols above 8 joules are also available for sale, but require prior permission according to current regulations.