CAF and Avina Foundation reward the creativity and future vision of Latin American cities in times of crisis

Ideas describing creative and innovative interventions to provide solutions to the various challenges posed to cities by the COVID-19 pandemic will be accepted until November 27


The pandemic has generated great costs globally in terms of loss of life, while at the same time on the social and economic levels it has significantly altered life in our cities. However, this new dynamic opens up an opportunity to rethink the pattern of urban development in Latin America and propose a new path towards more sustainable and resilient cities. Based on this premise, the CAF's initiative 'Cities with a Future', in collaboration with the Avina Foundation, has launched the COVID-19 call for ideas: new opportunities for sustainable cities. 

This call seeks to encourage the submission of ideas not yet implemented that describe creative and innovative interventions to address the various challenges imposed on cities in the post-pandemic transition period. The proposed solutions must consider, in a comprehensive manner, elements related to at least one of the following urban dimensions: public spaces; spaces for collective use; informal settlements; non-motorized mobility and public transport.

Three proposals will be pre-selected and recognized with a special mention, accompanied by the supporting documents indicated on the guidelines. From the set of ideas presented, the best will receive a $10,000 prize, the second a $5,000 prize and the third a $3,000 prize. 

The call is extended to university students, professionals, non-profit organizations, members of civil society, community associations and, in general, to all persons interested in urban development who are willing to share their ideas to contribute to improving the post-pandemic reality in the cities of Latin America and the Caribbean. The ideas may be presented individually or in groups, in Spanish, Portuguese or English, and have the potential for implementation in CAF member countries.

It is expected that ideas will emerge as a response or consequence of the pandemic, but fundamentally, designed for a horizon beyond the current situation, which will make it possible to address problems that existed before the arrival of the COVID-19, linked mainly to the issues of resilience, social inclusion, environmental sustainability and productivity.  

The call will be open until 23:59 (Caracas time) on November 27, 2020. Find out about the conditions for submitting your idea and the guidelines for the competition here.