CAF and the Government of Spain commit to joint initiatives to improve the management of water resources

CAF -development bank of Latin America-, the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation reaffirm their collaboration agreement on water issues


Christian Asinelli, Corporate Vice-President for Strategic Programming at CAF -development bank of Latin America-; Gonzalo García, Secretary of State for Economy and Business Support at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation; and Hugo Morán, Secretary of State for the Environment at the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, have signed a memorandum of understanding with the aim of continuing to join forces with the development of a roadmap between Spain and the Latin American region in the area of water.

This agreement, which is a continuation of the one signed in 2015, aims to identify possible synergies and collaborations in technical assistance, training, knowledge transfer, research and technological development programmes in the field of integrated water resources management and to promote cooperation relations between public and private organisations in Latin America and the Caribbean and Spain dedicated to this sector, which are materialised through exchange missions between technical teams, workshops, courses, webinars, among others. 

After signing the memorandum, Christian Asinelli expressed his satisfaction for the renewal of this collaboration that strengthens relations between Spain and Latin America and the Caribbean and is committed to common strategies in the management and use of water resources. He also praised the role that Spain is playing in the field of water and the enrichment that the exchange of knowledge and experience entails for the proper use of a resource that is as scarce as it is necessary.


Asinelli also highlighted the commitment and efforts being made by CAF "for the development of water security in the region", as part of the mandate to make CAF the green bank of Latin America, and advocated continuing to work along these lines, highlighting Spain's outstanding experience in the management of this resource.

The Secretary of State for the Economy and Business Support, Gonzalo García Andrés, pointed out that the renewal of the agreement allows us to continue working "on identifying new opportunities to support Latin America and the Caribbean in providing water supply and improving water management".

In this regard, he highlighted the initiative being promoted by Spain to strengthen the management capacities of water service providers in different Latin American countries through the provision of technical assistance.


The Secretary of State for the Environment, Hugo Morán, pointed out that "water is the element where the impact of any crisis is first felt, and there is currently a major global crisis, the climate crisis. A problem that is not a problem of the future, but rather a problem of the present that requires the search for unconventional solutions to scenarios that are not going to be conventional", and he stressed that "on this path, we are convinced that cooperation and the exchange of experiences and knowledge in water management is essential to achieve results in the face of this common challenge".

One of the fruits of this agreement is the organisation of the 'Latin America-Spain Water Dialogues', an emblematic event in the field of water that held its seventh edition on 6 October, bringing together specialists from both sides of the Atlantic, involved in the management and governance of both local and transboundary aquifers. 

The renewal of this agreement is a sign of the shared commitment between the Spanish Government and CAF to work together for the development of the countries in the Latin American region.