CAF attracts Asian investment to Latin America with bond issue in Samurai market

The financial institution demonstrates its ability to diversify funding sources in a market that is unusual for Latin American issuers such as Japan
Screen showing stock values

PHOTO/CAF  -   Screen showing stock values

Latin America will have new resources to boost its economic and social recovery thanks to the successful placement of bonds by CAF - Latin American development bank - in the Samurai market for 17.2 billion yen (USD 160 million) at a rate of 0.77% with a 5-year term.

CAF reaffirms its presence in the Japanese market, which is unusual for Latin American issuers, in order to diversify its sources of financing and take advantage of the confidence of minority investors, who led this bond issue which had Daiwa Capital Markets as placement agent.

"We are pleased to return to the Samurai market after four years and ratify the confidence of investors in the financial strength of CAF and its catalytic role in attracting funds from other markets to Latin America, with the aim of generating greater investment and better financing conditions for the development of the region at a time when it is most needed," said Luis Carranza Ugarte, CEO of CAF.

For more than two decades, CAF has been carrying out a strategy to diversify its sources of financing through a continuous presence in the global capital markets, which has placed it in a privileged position internationally. The multilateral organization promotes sustainable development and regional integration through the efficient mobilization of resources for the timely provision of multiple, high value-added financial services to clients in the public and private sectors of shareholder countries.