'Campus Connecte': Morocco's project to improve the education system

After the approval of the project, Morocco continues to work for the generalisation of internet access


The Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research has announced the 'Campus Connecté' project, an educational initiative aimed at students at the higher education level. 

According to the ministry, the programme's objectives include "providing students, educational executives as well as administrators with a high-performance technological platform throughout the equipment of university institutions and residential buildings with high-speed Internet (WIFI6)", according to Le Matin.

PHOTO/UNIVERSIDAD INTERNACIONAL DE RABAT  -  Perspective of the main building of the International University of Rabat (Morocco)

The educational programme would be framed within the implementation projects of the Framework Law 51-17 on the reform of the education system, vocational training and scientific research.

This new project allows pupils to access the digital resources of their educational institution telematically. In this way, the educational project aims to expand Intranet resources so that students can access them from anywhere in Morocco.

In addition, the project includes the "MARWAN" programme (Moroccan Academic and Research Wide Area Network), an initiative aimed at meeting the needs of the country's universities in terms of bandwidth. In this sense, the new version of the "MARWAN" network has managed to be integrated into the "Campus Connecté" project and has been upgraded with the adoption of SD-WAN technology that would provide "high technical capabilities in line with the technical development of the system over the coming years", according to the Moroccan website Alyaoum24.


This network aims to connect most of the networks of educational and research institutions in Morocco, with the GEANT network connected to European networks.

According to the digital report published by "We are Social" and "Hootsuite", Morocco is ranked above all other African countries in terms of internet accessibility. In this aspect, the Alawi Kingdom remains with a figure above 69% of the population with internet access compared to the average that places the African continent at 34%.

Similarly, internet speed has reached 33.6 megabits per second in Morocco, which is slightly above the world average of 32 Mbps.