Casablanca to host a forum between Morocco and Israel to promote business innovation

The event will be held in May and will strengthen relations between Moroccan and Israeli companies, with the aim of achieving partnerships
Flags of Israel and Morocco

PHOTO/ARCHIVO  -   Flags of Israel and Morocco

The General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM), in conjunction with Start-up Nation Central, an Israeli company dedicated to training new businesses among other institutions such as governments, has just announced that a new forum will be held to strengthen relations between the Hebrew country and Morocco. Next May, the Alawi kingdom will host a new forum aimed at boosting economic and commercial cooperation between the two nations.

The exact date of the event is still uncertain, but it is known that the city of Casablanca, in the west of the Kingdom, will host this new meeting. The main objective of the event is to promote the collaboration of companies from the two countries respectively, in partnerships to expand in both territories. The forum will have an entrepreneurial character and will mainly value business innovation. 

Israel, in this way, will help Morocco with its goal of becoming a place of new business creation. The forum has been created at the urging of many Moroccan economic operators, as well as personalities from the world of culture, who see the opportunity to expand into a new market such as the Israeli market, which offers great advantages.

In addition, during the event, another of the objectives will be to begin to improve the exchange of information on trade activities between Morocco and Israel, especially in the fields of import and export. Also, the aim is to provide opportunities to develop the sectors of research, development, innovation in the field of business, as well as to highlight technological cooperation between the two territories.

Banderas de Israel y Marruecos durante la visita de la ministra de Economía de Israel, Orna Barbivai, a Rabat, Marruecos, el 21 de febrero de 2022
REUTERS/CHAKIR LAKHLIFI - Israeli and Moroccan flags during the visit of Israel's Economy Minister Orna Barbivai to Rabat, Morocco, February 21, 2022.

Morocco and Israel continue to move towards closer diplomatic relations after decades of no contact. Following the signing of the Abraham Accords, under US supervision, the two countries are seeing investment opportunities and contracts are flying between the two regions. Diplomatic visits between officials of the respective governments are also becoming more common. The past two years have seen the two nations cooperate, particularly in the military, with the sale of various defence products and systems, and in business.

The CGEM is serving as an avenue for the Kingdom to strengthen relations with the Jewish people. The organisation, together with The Israel Employers and Business Organitazions (IEBO), has just signed an unprecedented agreement to promote both economic and commercial relations between the two regions.

The signing of this agreement commits Israel and Morocco to continue the dialogue. It is important to further strengthen ties and explore important issues related to these ties. In this way, cooperation for the mutual expansion of trade, investment and technological development would ensure success both beyond their borders and in the status of their relationship. 

Las banderas nacionales de Israel y Marruecos se proyectan en las murallas de la Ciudad Vieja de Jerusalén
AP/MAYA ALLERUZZO - The national flags of Israel and Morocco are projected on the walls of Jerusalem's Old City

To further strengthen the partnership, Chakib Alj, President of CGEM and Rom Tomer, President of IEBO, have agreed to create a channel of communication through a business council to promote cooperation between the two entities. Thus, the exchange of information and expertise on issues of joint interest will be ensured and will continue to enhance Moroccan-Israeli development. Added to this is the interest in encouraging Moroccan companies to set up in Israel, as well as Israeli companies to set up in Morocco, especially those in priority sectors for the two national economies. 

They will go a step further, and will exchange information on mutual legislation, data on important sectors of the economy and on tourism, as well as information on foreign trade and data collected between the two nations, and problems that may arise at customs and from currency exchange. In order to facilitate this exchange of documentation, it is intended to hold regular meetings, which will be backed up by a subsequent review of the forecasts.