CEAPI underlines the interest of Mexican businessmen in investing in Spain

Díez Morodo and Borja Escalada stress that the economic relationship is increasingly two-way

CEAPI  -   Núria Vilanova, President of CEAPI; Juan López-Dóriga, Spanish Ambassador to Mexico; Borja Escalada, CEO of RHL Properties; Valentín Diez Morodo, International Honorary President of CEAPI and President of COMCE; and Ximena Caraza, Director General of the Casa de México in Spain.

The international honorary president of the Consejo Empresarial Alianza por Iberoamérica (CEAPI) and president of COMCE, Valentín Diez Morodo, and the CEO of RLH Properties, Borja Escalada, yesterday underlined the growing interest of Mexican companies and businessmen to invest more in Spain.
Diez Morodo and Escalante took part in a meeting held at the renovated Rosewood Villa Magna hotel, owned by RLH Properties, which was hosted by CEAPI President, Nùria Vilanova, and attended by CEAPI members and business leaders from Spain and Mexico.
Both Díez Morodo and Escalante highlighted the good momentum of economic, trade and investment relations between Spain and Mexico, which are now bidirectional, and predicted an even greater increase in Mexican investment in our country, which has been growing steadily in recent years.
"Relations between Mexico and Spain have remained solid since 2020. Spain ranked as our second customer in the European Union and seventh worldwide. And much more important is the relationship with Spain in terms of investment, as it is Mexico's second largest investor," said CEAPI's international honorary president, for whom culture, education and business are "the fundamental factors for Mexico and Spain, as always united by the same blood, to become stronger" and strengthen their economies.
In recent years, the arrival of Mexican capital in Spain has increased sharply, which has turned an investment relationship between the two countries, which until a decade ago was practically a one-way street, into a two-way street. Mexican investment interest has grown in volume and scope, and now covers practically all sectors in Spain, from real estate to food, including transport, infrastructure, tourism, media, energy, pharmaceuticals and the financial sector.
Borja Escalada pointed out that "Madrid has enormous potential to transform luxury tourism". Madrid and Spain," he said, "have what it takes to surpass the main European capitals. We are convinced that luxury tourism will continue to develop, and at RLH Properties we are delighted to accompany Spain on this journey".
Escalada has led the renovation of the Hotel Villa Magna to upgrade its facilities and adapt it to the Rosewood Hotels & Resorts philosophy. The hotel is the Mexican company's first acquisition in Spain, which for Escalada is the first step in carrying out its international growth strategy and a necessary gesture for the development of tourism as a fundamental economic factor for Ibero-American cooperation.
For her part, Núria Vilanova stated that "the economic reactivation of both Spain and Mexico only depends on us. We have an obligation to continue working towards greater collaboration between the Ibero-American countries, which will favour the growth of investment in the area. Only if we believe in our companies, in our countries and in public-private collaboration, can we continue to create a better Ibero-America.
He added that an example of cooperation between these territories is reflected in tourism, which has become a fundamental economic sector for cooperation between Mexico and Spain.  He concluded by stating that "uniting Spain and Mexico, and uniting Mexico with the world is one of the fundamental objectives for CEAPI, and both Valentín Diez Morodo and Borja Escalada are irreplaceable pieces in achieving this goal. I like people who are courageous and committed, and here we have two great examples".
The event was attended by important business and institutional leaders and CEAPI partners such as Juan López-Dóriga, Spanish Ambassador to Mexico; Ximena Caraza, Director General of Casa México in Spain; Miguel Ángel Navarro, CEO of CATENON and Ignacio Ybarra, President of Vocento, among others.