The Cervantes Institute offers colloquiums with García Montero, Martín Caparrós, Juan Gabriel Vásquez and Juan Cruz

As part of the Eñe Festival from 7 p.m. onwards

PHOTO/FILE  -   Cervantes Institute

This Tuesday, the Cervantes Institute is hosting two literary colloquiums at its headquarters in Madrid as part of the Eñe Festival, with the participation of Luis García Montero, the Argentinian writer Martín Caparrós, the Venezuelan author Juan Gabriel Vásquez and the journalist Juan Cruz Ruiz.

The first of the meetings, " In the heat of the young Latin American novel", will bring together the writer, editor and journalist Juan Cruz Ruiz and the Argentinean novelist and chronicler Martín Caparrós, author of some thirty books, including novels, essays and chronicles, at 19:00. The talk will be moderated by Matilde Sánchez, general editor of Revista Ñ and author of fiction.

They will discuss new forms of narrative in the twilight of the great narratives and national literatures, and how the rise of female authors, digital reading and the overwhelming presence of hypertexts affect literature and publishing houses.

The second talk, "Novels to understand the world", will be given by Luis García Montero, poet and director of the Cervantes Institute, and Juan Gabriel Vásquez, Colombian writer (at 20:30). They will talk about the novels that have influenced them in their literary creation and about the authors who have helped them to understand the world a little better. 

It will all be broadcast live on the Cervantes Institute's Directo 1 and YouTube channels.


Submitted by José Antonio Sierra, Hispanismo advisor.