Civil society supports the government in the face of the violation of the diplomatic status of the Moroccan Consulate in Valencia

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The reaction of the Spanish government headed by Pedro Sánchez to unreservedly condemn the aggression suffered by the Moroccan Consulate in Valencia, when some individuals participating in a demonstration in favour of the Polisario Front lowered the flag of the Moroccan kingdom flying the diplomatic representation and raised the Polisario Front insignia in its place, has had repercussions on civil society. 

In addition to the protests emanating from political parties and associations, civil society has also joined in the repudiation of the act of vandalism that questions the basic principles of political and diplomatic relations between states.

The Club of Friends of Morocco in Spain has strongly condemned this act, which has attempted to violate "the inviolability, integrity and dignity of the consular headquarters, seriously contravening the principles and values of the Vienna Convention," according to the communiqué issued in Madrid. 

This civil society organisation is made up of around one hundred intellectuals, academics, professionals, journalists, businessmen and politicians from all areas of Spanish society. Chaired by the socialist Pedro Bofill, it was set up in the Congress of Deputies, in the presence of the then Moroccan ambassador to Spain, Fadel Benyaich, and the political advisor Bugaleb el Attar, currently ambassador to Cuba. 

The Club has expressed its support for the prompt reaction of the Spanish government, which while defending the constitutional right to demonstrate peacefully, strongly rejected the violation of the consular seat, and calls for the facts to be clarified and for the necessary measures to be taken to guarantee the inviolability of the diplomatic missions accredited in Spain.