"De Cara al Mundo": international analysis on Onda Madrid

The programme deals with the attempted coup d'état in Peru and the subsequent arrest of Castillo, the latest events in Ukraine and the success of the Moroccan national team at the World Cup in Qatar
De cara al mundo”: el análisis internacional en Onda Madrid


"De Cara al Mundo", the programme on Onda Madrid directed and presented by Javier Fernández Arribas, director of Atalayar, deals with the most relevant international current affairs every Friday. 

The Qatar World Cup is entering its final stretch. Football is a sociological phenomenon that brings together interests and differences and acts as an outlet for tensions and emotions. During this competition, Morocco's national team is making history with its victories over Belgium and Spain, which greatly enhances its international image while national pride allows for greater social cohesion. To analyse the Moroccan team's passage through the World Cup and its consequences, we will be joined by Nourdine Mouati, consultant and expert international analyst.  

The complicated situation in Peru, following the attempted coup d'état of Pedro Castillo and his subsequent arrest, will also have its place in the microphones of "De cara al mundo".  Aldo Mariátegui, a Peruvian journalist, will talk about the situation facing the Latin American country. After Castillo's arrest, Vice-President Boluarte, known for her extreme left-wing ideology, has taken over the presidency.  

The Russian invasion of Ukraine will once again take centre stage in the programme. The Ukrainian attack with old drones on bases on Russian territory adds new dimensions to the conflict. Russia responds with new bombing raids on several cities and electrical installations. Winter imposes its harsh reality. Maria Senovilla, special envoy to Ukraine, gives details of the situation on the ground. 

As every Friday, the discussion will be led by Atalayar's regular contributors, Claudia Luna, Mexican journalist and writer, and Pedro González, journalist and founder of Euronews, coordinated by Javier Fernández Arribas. The latest events in Peru and Argentina - where Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has been sentenced to six years in prison and disqualified for life for fraudulent administration -, the alliance between Saudi Arabia and China and the war in Ukraine will be discussed.