Digital megatrends open the door to business opportunities between China and Latin America

The 5th NI HAO CONECTA 世界 Conference was held - Megatrends in East and West, latest trends and business opportunities between China and Latin America
Ni Hao Conecta


The 5th Conference of the NI HAO CONECTA 世界 series of international conferences brought together leading figures in internationalisation and business development from China and Latin America at the PONS Foundation in Madrid on Wednesday with the aim of strengthening business relations between the three regions. 

Opportunities in different sectors of the economy such as energy, agri-food and tourism were the focus of reflection during the colloquium moderated by Eugenio Mallol, an expert journalist in innovation, which highlighted the importance of promoting these strategic sectors, within the framework of the development of business opportunities between China and Latin America. For Mallol, "current megatedences such as the confluence between the virtual world and the physical world, sustainability strategies and the decentralisation of data make it possible to improve the quality offered, the user experience and generate greater value". In addition, Mallol believes that connectivity with the environment around us is essential to be able to identify changes, opportunities and innovations at the right time. 

Ni Hao Conecta

Víctor Cortizo, Vice President of Cátedra China and representative of Madrid Investment Attraction in China, also highlighted the opportunity that Madrid represents as a gateway to Europe, Latin America and Africa, for the development of international business; in his opinion, "it is essential to take into account all the current trends in order to apply them to strategic sectors and thus generate synergies that allow us to boost business relations between China and Latin America".

Likewise, Laura González Escallada, founder of NI HAO CONECTA 世界, stressed the important moment we are living as we enter a new era in which strategic sectors such as tourism represent an emerging opportunity in the triangulation of relations between the three regions. During her speech, Laura also stressed the important role of cities such as Madrid in the internationalisation of the business ecosystem, the importance of promoting more sustainable finance in Europe, as well as the main sectors in which Chinese investors in Spain and Latin America are most interested. 

Ni Hao Conecta

In this regard, taking advantage of the business megatrends, Mallol also stressed that the tourism sector presents great opportunities and that it is essential to take advantage of the current transformational changes to innovate and offer new value propositions. In addition, he also highlighted the importance of Spain positioning itself in the chemical sector as an area of great potential. 

The conference was attended by María Jesús Magro, CEO of Fundación Pons, and representatives of prestigious entities such as Forbes, CEU San Pablo University, Instituto de Empresa, Cátedra China, Iberglobal, as well as relevant Chinese companies such as Xiaomi, Tencent or BYD. 

Ni Hao Conecta

At the end of the meeting, attendees were able to enjoy a cocktail during which they delved into some of the topics discussed throughout the afternoon, networking and expanding the possibilities of collaboration in different areas between Spain, China and Latin America. Given the success of the International Conference Series held throughout the year, NI HAO CONECTA 世界 will continue to organise conferences with personalities, companies and institutions of relevance in the field of Spain - China - Latin America relations in order to promote cooperation between these regions.

Ni Hao Conecta

In addition, NI HAO CONECTA 世界 has also taken the opportunity to present the ranking "TOP 20 IBERO-AMERICAN: CHINA AND SOUTHEAST ASIA. Economy and Business" with the aim of recognising the work of the top experts, including journalists, businessmen, professors and specialists who, in short, contribute to an optimal dissemination of the economic and business panorama in China and Southeast Asia. The ranking, which has the support of the main Chinese and Latin American entities for the development of relations between the three axes, has already opened the nominations and will be announced in November in Madrid.