Dual-use technologies are the new focus of FEINDEF 2021

Five months after its inauguration, it already has 30% more participating companies than in its 2019 edition

PHOTO/Feindef  -   With 168 companies and organisations already registered, 30 percent more than in the previous edition, FEINDEF 2021 will be held from 3 to 5 November at the Institución Ferial de Madrid (IFEMA)

The 2021 edition of the International Defence and Security Fair of Spain has already far exceeded its expectations of welcoming a greater number of participating companies and organisations than at its inaugural show in 2019.

Five months ahead of the official opening scheduled for 3 November, the president of FEINDEF 2021, former Defence Minister Julián García Vargas, has assured that the marketing of the show "is going very well" and has confirmed that a total of 168 companies and official organisations have already contracted spaces in the exhibition area.

The organisation piloted by García Vargas is very satisfied when comparing the number of entities attending with the figures of the first edition, held at the end of May 2019. There were a total of 130 exhibitors then, which means that the increase compared to two years ago is 29,2 percent.

PHOTO/JPons - The president of FEINDEF, former Minister of Defence Julián García Vargas, stresses that the focus of the 2021 edition is not exclusively to showcase defence material but to showcase dual-use technology created by Spanish companies

For the former defence minister, FEINDEF 2021 "is going very well" from a commercial point of view. Of the 168 stands already contracted, 150 correspond to companies, of which 48 are international and the rest to official, national and foreign entities.

Among the national companies are Aernnova, Alestis Aerospace, DAS Photonics, Einsa, Elecnor Deimos, Escribano M&E, Expal, Fecsa, Gahn, GMV, Hisdesat, Indra, Instalaza, Inster, ITP Aero, Navantia, PLD, Sener, Tecnobit and Uro.

PHOTO/Feindef - The largest event of its kind in Spain is a great opportunity for national companies to build up a network of relations with their European neighbours
Military technologies for civil applications

From the international sphere are Airbus, Elbit Systems, General Dynamics European Land Systems, Leonardo, Lockheed Martin, MBDA, Nexter, Saab and Thales. Attending industries from Austria, the United States and the Czech Republic will be grouped under national pavilions, all of which means that the organisers have contracted 31,000 square metres at the Institución Ferial de Madrid, IFEMA, more than double the amount of space available in 2019.

The ambitious target set by the organisers is to reach 300 exhibitors, but that is the "ideal figure", says the former minister. "I'm happy with the 168 we have now, although at this stage it is still feasible to reach 300 stands".

PHOTO/Feindef - FEINDEF is the great national showcase to show on a global scale the wide capabilities that the Spanish industry has and offers

A showcase for the wide-ranging capabilities that Spanish industry has and offers on a global scale, García Vargas stressed that the focus of the 2021 edition "is not exclusively to showcase defence material". The aim of FEINDEF 2021 is "to showcase the security and defence-related technology created by our companies and used by official bodies in different fields of activity".

FEINDEF 2021 is conceived as a professional trade fair with the aim of being "a great opportunity for Spanish companies to meet their European neighbours". Within the framework of the European Union's Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIPP), the implementation of any project requires the cooperation of at least three companies from three different countries. This is why "it is important for our companies to build up a network of international relations". 

PHOTO/Feindef - The industry uses FEINDEF to highlight the success of its contributions to military programmes. In the picture, Andrés Sendagorta, head of SENER, at the delivery ceremony of the latest modernised AB-212 for the Navy, at FEINDEF 2019

In the third year of implementation of the European defence funds and the first year of the European Resilience Action Plan, both budgetary frameworks "benefit our most developed SMEs and companies," García Vargas emphasises. They are "aimed at promoting not only military technology but also dual-use technology, and for the moment, Spanish companies are achieving notable successes in the annual calls for proposals".

Health security in the face of the pandemic

In parallel to the exhibition, different forums have been devised. One of them is dedicated to the incorporation of women into technology companies and the Armed Forces. Another will focus on military talent that can be incorporated into civilian life, "especially when passing to the reserve administrative situation", said Marine Colonel Ramón Pérez Alonso, Managing Director of the Feindef Foundation.

PHOTO/Feindef - The Ministry of the Interior will play an important role in this year's event, which will showcase the new equipment of the National Police and the Guardia Civil for border surveillance

En el marco del salón también tendrá lugar la fase final de los Premios Fundación FEINDEF a la Innovación o DSiB, acrónimo de Defense Security Innovation The final phase of the FEINDEF Foundation Awards for Innovation or DSiB, an acronym for Defence Security Innovation Brokerage, will also take place at the show. Its aim is to highlight those technologies that can be transferred to other aspects of industry and services, through the exchange of ideas and bringing together entrepreneurs, companies, the academic world, research organisations and end users.

FEINDEF 2021 is organised by the FEINDEF Foundation, a new structure whose trustees are the Ministry of Defence, headed by Margarita Robles; the Spanish Association of Defence, Security, Aeronautics and Space Technology Companies (TEDAE), chaired by Ricardo Martí Fluxá; and the Association of Companies Contracting with Public Administrations (AESMIDE), headed by Gerardo Sánchez Revenga.

PHOTO/Feindef - The organisation aims to reach the ideal figure of 300 exhibitors and thus complete the 31,000 square metres of space it has contracted at IFEMA

The former minister stressed that the FEINDEF Foundation has not only been set up to hold an equipment exhibition. "It was also set up to implement complementary initiatives to promote defence culture in Spain."

Security measures against COVID-19 will be based on international standards and the new B Safe system, emphasises Colonel Ramón Pérez Alonso, managing director of the Feindef Foundation. It provides "traceability to the people and equipment" that will be on display at FEINDEF 2021 to avoid "collisions in movements". Exhibitors and visitors will be able to attend without fear, concludes Julián Gracia Vargas.