Dubai Expo 2020 receives the European and International Gender Equality Standard

Becomes first World Expo to receive GEEIS-Event for workplace equality
PHOTO/EXPODUBÁI  -   La Exposición Universal de Dubái 2020 homenajea a las mujeres por el día Internacional de la Mujer

PHOTO/EXPODUBÁI  -   Dubai World Expo 2020 honours women for International Women's Day

Dubai World Expo 2020 has received an event-specific Gender Equality International and European Standard (GEEIS), an important recognition of the World Expo's continued commitment to gender equality in the workplace as it continued to organise celebrations to mark International Women's Day.

The GEEIS-Event award highlights World Expo's proactive approach to professional gender equality and was independently certified by Bureau Veritas, a world leader in testing, inspection and certification. It assesses gender equality using key metrics such as salaries, promotions, skills development and external communications, along with formal and political commitments to gender equality, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Administered by the Europe-based Arborus Endowment Fund, the award certifies Expo 2020 Dubai's human resources efforts and policies to achieve gender equality in the workplace, recognising that women represent more than half (53%) of its entire workforce and more than a third (38%) of all C-suite staff.

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Among other key achievements, women represent 52% of all management positions at Expo 2020 Dubai, and more than three out of five graduate positions are held by women. GEEIS-Event also recognises Expo 2020's policies, such as annual leave, dress code, employee grievances, in line with UAE law prohibiting discrimination and hatred on the basis of caste, race, religion or ethnicity.

In addition, GEEIS-Event also takes into account Expo 2020 Dubai's role-specific, gender-neutral training modules, as well as its Leadership and Development (71%), Mission Leader (69.5%) and Apprenticeship (90%) programmes.

Dina Storey, Director of Sustainability Operations at Expo 2020 Dubai said: "Expo 2020 Dubai has followed the UAE's illustrious example in gender equality, with women present in every element of our Expo, helping to create a truly exceptional experience for all participants and visitors. The independent Bureau Veritas certification is an extraordinary achievement for Expo 2020 Dubai, but also for women globally, because it reinforces to the world what we know to be true: a gender-balanced organisation where women are empowered is well positioned for success".
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Expo 2020 Dubai's GEEIS-Event Award, the first of its kind for a World Expo, is representative of the event's broader commitment to gender equality. The Women's Pavilion, in partnership with Cartier, is based on the principle that when women thrive, humanity thrives and celebrates the key roles played by women throughout history and today. Expo 2020 Dubai is also the first World Expo in over 50 years to have a separate pavilion dedicated to women.

Expo 2020 Dubai organised three days of events for International Women's Day (8 March), under the 2022 theme of #BreakTheBias, envisioning a gender-equal world where all women can reach their full potential.

Celebrating women's contribution to culture, programming included the two-day music festival 'We, the Women', the first women-led event of its kind in the Middle East, from 6-7 March.
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On International Women's Day, the Break the Bias Assembly promoted women's leadership in the context of diplomacy, industry, health and youth. This was followed by the Break the Bias Forum, which shed light on where bias appears and how women and men around the world are dismantling it for a more equal tomorrow.

The International Women's Day calendar is part of Expo 2020 Dubai's People and Planet Programme, which focuses on 10 Thematic Weeks that offer an exchange of inspiring new perspectives to address the greatest challenges and opportunities of our time.

Text, photos and video: Expo Dubai 2020.