Dubai to host the Global Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean

The city of the United Arab Emirates will host this congress, now in its fourth edition, which will seek new avenues for cooperation between the two regions


The United Arab Emirates has been chosen as the country to host the fourth edition of the Global Business Forum Latin America - Global Business Forum Latin America, or GBF Latin America. The city of Dubai has been selected and its Government Chamber will be in charge of the preparations and facilities for the congress. The forum will start and end on 23-24 March 2022. This event is part of a series of projects launched by the Dubai Chamber in 2013, under the name of the Dubai Chamber Global Business Forum. Its main mission is to explore the economic potential offered by Africa and ASEAN - Association of Southeast Asian Nations. 

The choice of this city is no coincidence. Latin American and Caribbean companies want to expand their reach to the emerging markets in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and the bet is that they will be the ones to take the reins of the global economy. For this reason, holding this congress in Dubai is a great opportunity for Latin American companies to open up markets throughout the world, as well as to make themselves known. 

The forum will host more than 800 delegates, who will become the representatives of more than 50 countries. Also expected to attend the GBF Latin America are government and business leaders, policy makers and investors from the Americas, as well as key representatives from the Gulf nations and the host country itself. 

The official patron is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai himself. In partnership, the forum will be supported by Dubai Expo 2020. 

The event will be held at the Dubai Exhibition Centre. This forum is one of the most anticipated events of the international exhibition, which will be one of the closing events of the fair. The theme of the exhibition is "Towards a Resilient Future". The title is part of the main objective of the forum, which is to highlight the reforms that have taken place in Latin America and the Caribbean that have been engaged in a great effort to overcome. These have been supported by the creation of new initiatives, which aim to place the regions' businesses in a state of growth after the post-COVID-19 era and into the near future. 

Another major plan of this exhibition is to examine the business dynamics on the continent, which are characterised by a changing tone due to economic reforms. It will also discuss new ways to support SMEs - small and medium-sized enterprises - as well as entrepreneurs in the region. Another key point is to capitalise on new opportunities for growth in the digital world, using foreign investment and regional integration as tools to enhance this. Focusing on the web is part of the thinking of Latin American nations, as the coronavirus pandemic has forced the use of this cybernetic system to carry out all transactions. This has been exploited by companies, and the aim is to improve the situation and support this digitised sector. 

Hamad Buamin, president and CEO of the Dubai Chamber, announced the news. "GBF Latin America 2022 comes at a sensible time as countries in the region emerge from the pandemic and adopt progressive strategies to prepare their economies for the future and build cross-border partnerships and drive sustainable growth. While challenges remain, there are also huge opportunities, especially with growth sectors that show strong potential right now, such as the digital economy, healthcare, logistics and technology," said Buamin. 

Last year, the event took place at the United Nations General Assembly headquarters in New York City on 22, 23 and 24 September. The third edition had the role of promoting a space for debate as well as providing a platform for the exchange, discussion and analysis of ideas involving Latin American businesses and companies in terms of global expansion. 

Latin America Coordinator: José Antonio Sierra