Eden Hazard pays for Zinedine Zidane's confidence with laughter and incapacity

Is Ramos the Cid Campeador? Real Madrid make fools of themselves and thanks to Courtois the defeat was not more humiliating
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The Belgian striker is in the spotlight in all the sports media for his lack of professionalism and for the laughs he had on the pitch with the rival Chelsea players. After losing the chance to play in the Champions League final. 

Madrid fans, press and rivals put the spotlight on Eden Hazard to argue Real Madrid's bad game.

This story started badly from the beginning. In September 2020 we talked about it in our article 'Late, very late, did Real Madrid sign Eden Hazard'. 

Atalayar_Real Madrid

The Belgian five years ago was the best player in the world after Messi and Cristiano. Zidane spent several years asking Florentino for his signature until he got it.

But the reality is that the English team was the one who managed to place him when they thought it was convenient and for a lot of millions. A player in decline and unprofessional. 

With this money he signed real unbalanced players like Pulisic or Mount. The same ones who have given us a sovereign review in the two semi-final matches. As the saying goes, "we were cheated".

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An expense that in total could amount to more than 250 million euros. 100 cost his transfer, 30 in incentives and 14.5 million in salary for 5 years (140 million including taxes). Everything indicates that we have a worse case than Gareth Bale.

Yesterday, Zinedine Zidane, who is the best coach Real Madrid has ever had, there are the results, clearly made a mistake in his approach to the game. He also failed to react as events unfolded. A Champions League semi-final second leg is not the time to experiment. Florentino did not want to sign Eden Hazard, but the French coach's insistence and the lack of Cristiano made the president give in.

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Zidane is keen for the player to justify the investment and has given him all the love and confidence he needs. He was unlucky with the ankle injury caused by a heavy blow, but the rest of the injuries are muscular injuries derived from his laziness in carrying out a routine in accordance with what an elite athlete should develop.

There is a very wise saying in football that "what works, don't change it". Yesterday the Madrid coach changed many things that worked well.

All to favour his protégé, the star of the team, Cristiano's successor, the player who must make the difference in decisive moments.

Another football saying: "You play the way you train". Well, Zidane sees every day how Eden Hazard in training does not show himself to be unbalanced in front of his teammates. Even if he relaxes his defensive intensity in training. If you don't get away from anyone in training, you don't get away from anyone in matches.

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He changed the position of a player, a truly unbalanced player as demonstrated in every training session and as he showed against Liverpool, such as Vinicius. But what's more, you entrust him with a task that he has never carried out. He's a full-back or right-back. You take him off the left wing, where he has been the best performer against Liverpool and where he has given the best results, and you put him on the right to defend. 

Chelsea manager Tuchel must have rubbed his hands together when he saw his biggest threat relegated to defence. Because Vinicius is 20 years old, he's a striker, he puts in a lot of will, but he's no Roberto Carlos.

Nacho and Militao, central defenders who have been getting the most praise in recent games, against Liverpool, Barcelona and Chelsea, have been left out of the team to replace the great captain who has played one game so far this season. Is Ramos the Cid Campeador?

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Blanco, a player from Castilla, has played several games and has shown quality and experience despite his youth. If it has worked, why not use him?

"What doesn't work, don't repeat it". Marcelo, Odriozola, Mariano, Isco and, above all, Asensio have not worked. Well, what doesn't work in some cases he uses it and not in others. Asensio is not even a shadow of his former self, but he still gets minutes every game.

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The match is over. The only contribution from the Madrid star has been to walk around the Stamford Bridge pitch several times, showing his poor physical condition.

That's all after 88 minutes and more than 150 million paid so far by the white entity. There's another 100 to go.

He doesn't mind having missed the umpteenth occasion to repay the confidence of his coach, the financial effort of the team, the hopes of the Whites' fans to reach a Champions League final.

It's time to greet former teammates and have a few laughs...... Not in the dressing room, not in the tunnel. On the pitch with the TV cameras because Hazard doesn't give a damn about Real Madrid and the madridistas. Besides, there is no public in the stadiums, nor in Valdebebas, nobody will whistle at him, it's free for him.