Eduardo Guerrero shows the strength and poetry of the Spanish lighthouses in his flamenco show at the Spain Pavilion at Expo Dubai

'Faro' combines musical numbers with dance and can be seen on 18 and 19 January at the Dubai Millennium
Eduardo Guerrero

PHOTO/Félix Vázquez  -   Eduardo Guerrero

On 18 and 19 January, the flamenco show 'Faro', directed, danced and choreographed by Eduardo Guerrero from Cádiz, will arrive at Expo Dubai 2020 as part of the cultural programme of the Spanish Pavilion. Faro' can be seen both days at the Dubai Millennium at 20:00.

'Faro' is a flamenco show inspired by the poetry of the lighthouse. It was created especially for a tour that toured some lighthouses in Spain in the summer of 2017. Starting in the north, in the Asturian Faro de Peñas, visiting Avilés and the Faro de la Cerda in Santander, to continue in the south from El Rompido in Huelva to Sacratif in Granada and touring Levante from Cartagena to Tarragona to finish in Cádiz, whose lighthouse remains in Eduardo Guerrero's earliest childhood memories.

The scene of storms and splendid sunrises, of departures and joyful encounters, witness to countless battles and magical celebrations, the lighthouse welcomes Eduardo Guerrero's dance as naturally as it enjoys spectacular and nostalgic sunsets.

'Faro' is a work without a storyline, where we taste different flamenco palos and versions of mythical songs that have been inspired by its image. In 'Faro', musical numbers are interspersed with Eduardo Guerrero's dancing in such a way that the show crescendos. With a brief, white set design, the colour of the costumes and the magnificent, precise choreographies take centre stage.

Eduardo Guerrero
PHOTO/Fidel Meneses - Eduardo Guerrero
About Eduardo Guerrero

Eduardo Guerrero González (Cádiz, 1983) began dancing at the age of six in Carmen Guerrero's school. There he built the foundations of his dance and then went on to develop it in depth with teachers of the stature of Mario Maya, Antonio Canales, Manolo Marín, among others. He studied Spanish Dance at the Conservatorio de Danza de Cádiz and later expanded his knowledge of contemporary and classical dance.

In 2002 he began to work with great artists of the national scene who valued his quality, his physical ability and his refined technique, developing leading roles in the Company of Aida Gómez, Eva La Yerbabuena, Rocío Molina, the National Ballet of Spain, Javier Latorre, Rafael Aguilar, etc. It was in 2011 when with his own choreography 'Mayo' he won the 1st Prize in the Choreography Competition of Professional Conservatories and it is from then on when he began his solo career, creating different shows with great critical and public acclaim such as 'De Dolores', Festival de Jerez (2012); 'Las Minas', Festival de Cante de Las Minas, La Unión (2013); 'Re-torno', Teatro de la Abadía de Madrid (2014), 'Sombra Efímera', XX Bienal de Flamenco, Sevilla (2018); 'Gaditania', USA tour (2018) or 'Sombra Efímera II', Teatro de la Maestranza, Sevilla (2019).

Eduardo Guerrero
PHOTO/Fidel Meneses - Eduardo Guerrero

He has also been the image of Adolfo Domínguez's 'A Morte' collection and has collaborated with the Museo Nacional del Prado and Madrid City Council, among others. Eduardo is currently immersed in the tour of his latest project, 'Debajo de los Pies', the most personal, transgressive and ambitious of his career, which saw the light of day on 15 May at the 23rd edition of the Festival de Jerez 2022 is a year full of new projects that he will combine with his previous creations, exploring different concepts in the world of dance to move away from established conventions and experimenting with new performances within the plastic and visual arts.

In addition to the award of the Choreography Competition of Professional Dance Conservatories of Andalusia, he has received other awards such as Desplante of the Festival de las Minas de la Unión, 2013; "Gaditano" of the year, 2016; Audience Award of the Festival de Jerez, 2017 or Fiver Award, International Dance Film Festival, 2019.