Emirates is among the ten safest countries for COVID-19

According to a report by Deep Knowledge Group
A medical staff member prepares to perform a diagnostic test for coronavirus on a man inside a vehicle in Dubai on April 9, 2020

AFP/KARIM SAHIB  -   A medical staff member prepares to perform a diagnostic test for coronavirus on a man inside a vehicle in Dubai on April 9, 2020

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) ranks tenth among the nations most likely to be safe during the coronavirus health crisis, according to a Deep Knowledge Group report comparing the top 30 leading countries based on a series of quantifiable 'big data' metrics. 

The agency said in a statement that the current study also reveals new leading countries in terms of "performance change" and "patterns associated with their positive changes. In addition, it is accompanied by a visualized correlation of COVID-19 cases with factors such as percentage of elderly population, obesity, tuberculosis and diabetes. 

The report noted a large number of regions that prioritize economic recovery over public health and safety. "Now that the nature of the pandemic is changing, the task of identifying the most optimal balance between short-term economic recovery and long-term preparation for a second wave of coronavirus deserves a thorough and focused analysis," according to the report cited by the Gulf Post Office. 

The analysis used 130 quantitative and qualitative parameters, grouped into 30 indicators and six categories: quarantine efficiency, government risk management efficiency, monitoring and detection, health preparedness, regional resilience and emergency preparedness.

These categories were applied to 30 regions and used a total of 33,000 data points and "aim to enable responsible organizations and governments to learn from the strengths and weaknesses of their neighbours, and to obtain action-based knowledge and answers to key strategic decision-making questions in order to optimize outcomes from the global pandemic and lessen the impact of future negative consequences," as the study stated. 

Switzerland led the way as the safest nation for COVID-19 and other countries such as New Zealand (2nd), South Korea (3rd), Germany (4th) and Japan (5th) consolidated and improved their positions at the top of the list. The UAE (10th) and Saudi Arabia (16th) improved their positions, the report noted. 

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