The EURO MENA Show and forging closer ties between the Mediterranean, the EU and sub-Saharan Africa

The 2nd edition of this initiative will be held on June 29 with the aim of building strategic bridges between the Mediterranean countries, the European Union and selected countries in sub-Saharan Africa


The 2nd edition of the EURO MENA Exhibition is warming up for its celebration on Tuesday 29th June, organised by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and with the participation of Casa Árabe, with the firm intention of establishing geostrategic contact between the Mediterranean countries, the European Union (EU) and certain sub-Saharan African countries aimed at rethinking and relaunching Euro-Mediterranean economic relations, attracting 'new voices' to overcome the existing gap between academia and politics, the institutional sphere, the private sector and civil society; all this by stimulating dialogue and the exchange of proposals. A global proposal called the MED Dialogue project.

The EURO MENA Show will take place in a hybrid format comprising a wide range of political, economic and cultural activities, including talks, concerts, virtual tours and cultural elements, among others.

The aim of the MED Dialogue project is to establish a geostrategic dialogue from a liberal perspective in order to shift attention from a problem-based regional vision to a positive, solution-oriented approach to the opportunities and solutions offered by inter-regional dialogue and cooperation. By connecting liberal-minded individuals and institutions from across the Mediterranean, West Africa and Europe, it seeks to contribute to trans-regional solutions in the fields of migration, economic cooperation, energy, human rights, rule of law and integrated security. 

The challenge of this proposal is to have a considerable impact on economic development and social inclusion around the Mediterranean Sea. 

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is spearheading this proposal. It is a German entity dedicated to the promotion of liberal principles and political education. The aim of the foundation is to promote the principles of freedom and dignity for all people in all areas of society, both in Germany and abroad.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation is active in more than 60 countries around the world, covering Europe, Africa, Asia, North and Central America. Within these project nations, the organisation works to support human rights, the rule of law and democracy. To achieve these goals, the foundation seeks to foster both international and transatlantic dialogue through conferences, study tours, webinars, seminars and publications, among other means.

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