FEINDEF 2021, the international showcase for the Spanish Defence industry

It will be held in Madrid from 3 to 5 November and will double the number of exhibitors from its inaugural 2019 edition
The Secretary of State for Defence, Esperanza Casteleiro, affirms that FEINDEF 2021 is a stepping stone to new opportunities

PHOTO/Rubén Somonte-MDE  -   The Secretary of State for Defence, Esperanza Casteleiro, affirms that FEINDEF 2021 is a stepping stone to new opportunities

FEINDEF 2021, the International Defence and Security Fair to be held in Madrid in an in-person format from 3 to 5 November, will be "the showcase for Spain's Defence industry", stressed the Secretary of State for Defence, Esperanza Casteleiro, on 9 April at the official presentation of its second edition.

In her speech to an audience of the sector's top executives, Esperanza Casteleiro stressed that FEINDEF 2021 is "an exit ramp" towards new opportunities "that we cannot afford to miss". At the same time, it is an instrument aimed at promoting "the recovery of industry, defence and security in Spain after the pandemic".

The Secretary of State emphasised that the show will "showcase the dual potential of Spanish R&D&I on an international scale". It will also allow "increased collaboration" between public and private companies, as well as the "internalisation" of companies, aspects that she considers "essential" for the strength of the present and future European Defence framework.

La feria de seguridad estará distribuida en dos pabellones, con un total de 31.000 metros cuadrados para albergar 20 pabellones nacionales y más de 300 empresas
PHOTO/FEINDEF - The security trade fair will be spread over two halls, with a total of 31,000 square metres to accommodate 20 national pavilions and more than 300 companies.

He described the event as "the most important in the field of defence and security in Spain". The exhibition is part of the strategic objective of consolidating the technological base of defence in its land, naval, air, space and cyber aspects. As a result, it is "a business opportunity and we have to take advantage of it", he summarised.

Casteleiro recalled that the defence industry is "among the transversal and driving elements of the Spanish economy": its annual turnover amounts to "around 6,000 million euros, 80% of which is due to exports". In terms of employment, "it generates 295,000 jobs, of which 22,500 are direct and 30,000 are indirect or induced".

Julián García Vargas, exministro de Defensa y presidente de la Fundación FEINDEF, explica que el sector trabaja con la expectativa de generar y fortalecer alianzas internacionales y formar consorcios para competir en el mercado global
PHOTO/Rubén Somonte-MDE - Julián García Vargas, former Minister of Defence and President of the FEINDEF Foundation, explains that the sector is working with the expectation of generating and strengthening international alliances and forming consortiums to compete in the global market.
The organisation wants to double the results of 2019

The exhibition is organised by the FEINDEF Foundation, whose president is the former Minister of Defence Julián García Vargas. From his point of view, FEINDEF 2021 is a "promise fulfilled", which in its second edition will be held in two large pavilions of the Institución Ferial de Madrid (IFEMA). 

Under the umbrella of the "Safe Fair" concept, rigorous health protection protocols have been established in both venues to safeguard attendees from possible infection by COVID-19. The organisation's aspiration is that this year's call will be attended by more than 300 companies, 20 pavilions from friendly countries will be set up and more than 31,000 square metres of exhibition space will be covered, "twice as much as in 2019", the former minister anticipated.

The second edition, which will open its doors in seven months' time, will be the meeting point aimed at highlighting the capabilities of the "essential" industrial fabric of the national economy. It generates "quality employment", is a "business tractor that drives progress" and must be "supported in its internalisation", with a focus on the European Defence Industrial Development Plan.

Navantia es el principal patrocinador de FEINDEF 2021. Susana de Sarriá, presidenta del astillero en 2019, expone al ministro de Ciencia e Innovación, Pedro Duque, las principales características de las nuevas fragatas F-110
PHOTO/FEINDEF - Navantia is the main sponsor of FEINDEF 2021. Susana de Sarriá, president of the shipyard in 2019, explains the main features of the new F-110 frigates to the Minister of Science and Innovation, Pedro Duque.

The former Minister of Defence between March 1991 and June 1995 in one of President Felipe González's government teams stressed that those attending the different forums at the show will have the opportunity to "learn about and debate the business opportunities that exist in Europe and on a global scale".

Julián García Vargas pointed out that by attending FEINDEF 2021, Spanish companies want to demonstrate that they are working "with the aim of anticipating the future", with the expectation of "generating and strengthening international alliances" and "forming consortiums to compete in the world with greater possibilities of success".

FEINDEF 2021 es una oportunidad de negocio y hay que aprovecharla, ha asegurado la secretaria de Estado de Defensa, Esperanza Casteleiro
PHOTO/Rubén Somonte-MDE - FEINDEF 2021 is a business opportunity and we must take advantage of it, said the Secretary of State for Defence, Esperanza Casteleiro.
Strengthening Spain's position on a global scale

The main sponsor of FEINDEF 2021 is the public shipyard Navantia. Its recently appointed president, Ricardo Domínguez, pointed out in his speech that the exhibition and its parallel activities are a confirmation of "the degree of maturity" of the Spanish defence industry.

His words focused on the desire to "project national capabilities and reinforce its positioning in the global market". As a business group of strategic importance, the commitment is focused on "innovation, to develop increasingly sophisticated systems". Overall, "we invest more than 1,200 million euros a year in R&D&I, ahead of sectors such as the automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

La secretaria de Estado de Seguridad del Ministerio del Interior, Ana Botella, fue una de las muchas autoridades del Gobierno que visitó FEINDEF 2019
PHOTO/FEINDEF - The Secretary of State for Security of the Ministry of the Interior, Ana Botella, was one of the many government officials who visited FEINDEF 2019.

The presentation of FEINDEF 2021 was attended by the Secretary of State for Security, Rafael Pérez Ruiz; the Secretary of State and Director of the National Intelligence Centre, Paz Esteban; the Chiefs of Staff of the Army, Air Force and Navy, Generals Javier Varela, Javier Salto and Admiral Antonio Martell, respectively, as well as the Director General of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, and of the National Police, Francisco Pardo.

The FEINDEF Foundation is made up of the Ministry of Defence, headed by Margarita Robles; the Association of Public Administration Contractors (AESMIDE), chaired by Gerardo Sánchez Revenga; and the Spanish Association of Defence, Security, Aeronautics and Space Technology Companies (TEDAE), headed by Ricardo Martí Fluxá.  

Más de 150 empresas nacionales y extranjeras expusieron sus productos y servicios en la primera edición de FEINDEF, la Feria Internacional de Defensa y Seguridad de España
PHOTO/FEINDEF - More than 150 national and foreign companies exhibited their products and services at the first edition of FEINDEF, Spain's International Defence and Security Fair.

In addition to Navantia, FEINDEF 2021 is sponsored by Indra, ITP Aero, John Cockerill, Tecnobit-Grupo Oesia, Escribano Mechanical & Engineering, General Dynamics European Land Systems-Santa Bárbara Sistemas, Leonardo, SASCorp, IVECO and Heroux-Devtec.