The fever for self-knowledge with Alejandra Llamas

The Mexican author presents "The Golden Book" in Spain, in which she proposes her sixteen rules for success in the game of life


If there is one measure of success in societies such as the United States, it is personal success, understood as the economic and social progress of the individual. With this parameter, what is the place of the individual's inner self, his or her self-esteem and his or her own sense of victory or failure? As a society that, in spite of everything, continues to set the guidelines for behaviour on a global scale, the United States continues to be the melting pot in which ideas and experiences are melted down and then projected to the rest of the world, or at least to a large part of it.

Now, "The Golden Book" (Grijalbo, 218 pages), the eleventh work by the Mexican author Alejandra Llamas, creator of the MKK Institute, specialised in integral education on self-knowledge, based in the United States, has arrived in Spain. Along the same lines as her other works such as "The Art of Knowing Yourself" and "Free Yourself", the book now published in Spain is, according to the author herself, a book for sceptics who nevertheless wish to enter the world of self-knowledge. 


Aimed at changing each reader's own personal vision, the book urges them to study and recognise the apparent limitations that prevent them from breaking patterns; to remove and learn the most powerful techniques for inner cleansing, and to build their own "great life" using the most effective tools to design this new stage in the life of each individual. 


Patterns and beliefs, human beings seem to need from time to time supposedly novel techniques to get to the very core of their great questions: who am I? what am I here for? Questions that all cultures have tried to answer and which, nevertheless, end up with the answer that each individual finds in his or her own inner self. 


Whether with Gandhi's perfect alignment of thought, word and action, or with David R. Hawkins' table of consciousness or Carl G. Jung's "Memories, Dreams and Reflections", Alejandra Llamas explains with great simplicity the steps to follow for this process of self-knowledge, which ultimately allows us to progressively answer these great questions. The answers may not lead "objectively" to triumph in the game of life, but they will allow us to shape a different and more courageous life horizon. All of this is a consequence of knowing and recognising what we have unconsciously inside us and what holds us back from succeeding, which, once achieved, allows the introduction of effective techniques to get rid of negative beliefs and thoughts, to heal emotionally and to conquer the ego.