The FICRT Foundation and the Xacobeo, hand in hand for tolerance and fraternity

The Foundation for Islamic Culture and Religious Tolerance has been invited to the 1st World Xacobean Congress, which was officially inaugurated by His Majesty the King
FICRT Xacobeo

 -   The president of the FICRT Board of Trustees, Alfred G. Kavanagh, talking with the president of the Xacobean Academy, Xesús Palmou Lorenzo

The Foundation for Islamic Culture and Religious Tolerance (FICRT) has participated in the I World Xacobean Congress, highlighting the shared values between the Way of St. James and the FIRCT. In the words of H.M. King Felipe VI, during his speech at the congress, "we live in an era of global spirituality".

One of the fundamental objectives of the FICRT is to contribute to the promotion of a common space of coexistence based on tolerance, being the Way of St. James, due to its historical significance, a meeting point between different cultures that generated over the centuries a space of coexistence and respect.

In this sense, Alfred G. Kavanagh, president of the FICRT has pointed out that "this plurality of ways of being in the world that has existed since the beginning of time finds its best expression in the fraternal encounter that occurs when people of very different origins, ethnicities, cultures and religions walk together along a path".

One of the objectives of the FICRT is to promote tolerance in a plural society, cultural interrelation and dialogue between religions, values which, like Xacobeo, are shared by people of very different origins.