The frigate Navarre arrives at the Rota Naval Base after five months

Ignacio Villanueva Serrano, Admiral of the Fleet Chief of Staff: "Welcome home, champions!
fragata navarra


Piracy activity in the Gulf of Aden and the eastern basin of Somalia is limited and restricted thanks to the Spanish Navy's mission (known as OP Atalanta F85 of the EU), with the aim of protecting the safety of maritime traffic in the area. The frigate Navarra, which arrived these days at the Rota Naval Base, has contributed to the fight against illegal fishing, drug trafficking, arms and charcoal, after operating for a total of 159 days in the waters of the Indian Ocean.fragata navarra

The 226 people on board, deployed on the mission, were greeted by their families amidst jubilation, tears and nervous laughter, and the foreign press witnessed the frigate's emotional arrival. With a warm and affectionate welcome from Admiral Ignacio Villanueva Serrano, the full complement of 226 sailors and a task, difficult to manage in times of isolation due to the global pandemic, vibrated on this command ship, praised at all times by their superior who welcomed them home with the cry of "the hard life of the sea, welcome champions!"fragata navarra

Admiral Villanueva Serrano enthusiastically welcomed his troops on the front line of the ship with a brief but moving speech. "I empathise with you, six months of preparation for the CALOP, away from home and as close to combat as possible; you have fulfilled the mission, reaching high levels of training," he declared.

The military marches of the Tercio Sur marching band and the singing of the Navy anthem set to music the jubilation spread throughout the facilities of Piers 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Base and heralded the moment of descent, longed for by all.

fragata navarra

For Ensign Gonzalo Torralbo Candia, 23, who longed to embrace his parents and three brothers and sisters who had come from Madrid for the occasion, this was his first mission, "hard but rewarding", a demanding task involving a great deal of preparation. "Our presence is noticeable because of the objective achieved," he added and tenderly kissed his mother.