The Future of Europe Conference, UK election "Super Thursday" and eradicating terrorism online, main topics on Atalayar Radio

Monday 10 May 22.00-23.30h
Atalayar Radio


Tonight on Atalayar Radio we will be joined by María Andrés, Director of the European Parliament Office in Spain, and Patxi Aldecoa, President of the Spanish Federal Council of the European Movement, who will tell us the latest news about the Future of Europe Conference, which aims to give citizens a greater role in shaping the EU's policies and ambitions, improving the Union's resilience in the face of crises, be they economic or health-related. A public forum for an open, inclusive, transparent and structured debate with Europeans on the issues that matter to them and affect their daily lives. 

Economic analyst Toni Timoner, from London, will be available to analyse the British election "super Thursday". So called because of the backlog of elections, most of which have been delayed since last year due to the coronavirus.

We will also be joined by Mayte Pagazaurtundúa MEP from Brussels. She will tell us about the new European regulation for the prevention of terrorist content online, which was finally approved on 28 April. The aim of this regulation is to curb the spread of terrorist content on the internet and to ensure the proper functioning of the digital single market.

Víctor Arribas, as he does every Monday, will present the programme, which will also include the participation of Javier Fernández Arribas.