Great victory for Ayuso and the PP in Madrid

She only needs the abstention of Vox while PSOE loses to Más Madrid, Iglesias leaves politics and Cs disappears
Ayuso con Casado


Isabel Díaz Ayuso has achieved a landslide victory in the elections for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid by winning 44.72% of the votes and 65 seats doubling her results of two years ago and getting more votes and seats than the three left-wing parties combined. The turnout was historic with 76.25%. The winner of these elections in Madrid celebrated her success and that of her party and its president, Pablo Casado, predicting that the change in Spain begins in Madrid. 

Ayuso y almeida

A circumstance that strengthens the role of the mayor of Madrid. José Luis Martínez Almeida has become a key piece of the new PP. As expected, the consequences of the results of these elections to the Community of Madrid extend to the national level with the withdrawal from politics of Pablo Iglesias, leader of Unidas Podemos who appeared last, after 23. 30 at night and the curfew, to announce that he is leaving politics after admitting his failure because his figure was not capable of adding up what was necessary for his formation, in spite of having won 10 seats, 3 more than he had and having cleared the ghost of not reaching the level of 5% of the votes essential to have representation in the Assembly of Madrid. 


This was the case of Ciudadanos, the centrist party which remained at 3.56% of the votes and consummated the electoral disaster predicted by all the polls and which began in Catalonia a few months ago. In the PSOE, the feeling of defeat was evident in the face and expressions of an intellectual out of place like Ángel Gabilondo, who admitted not having been able to face the confrontational climate of the campaign. His loneliness was very evident, his sad appearance surrounded by his most direct collaborators but without top leaders of the PSOE or the Government when his campaign had been directed, designed, changed, destroyed by the ideological ups and downs from the Moncloa. 


Only the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, Minister José Luis Ábalos, appeared, in a badly recorded speech and without questions, to set tasks for the Madrid socialists for the next elections in two years. No self-criticism although Más Madrid with Mónica García had managed to surpass in votes and tie in seats to the socialists, becoming the other protagonist of the election night.

Monica García

Of course, the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, chose to stay away from an electoral contest which he had accepted willingly in principle, with the face to face confrontation posed by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, without knowing how to gauge that his disaster in the management of the pandemic is the main cause of the socialist defeat in Madrid, which also presages a change of government at national level when the general elections are called. Analysts were betting on an early call of the general elections, scheduled for two years from now, and others assured that Sanchez will stay as long as he can in the Moncloa despite his precarious and troubled coalition government with Podemos, which has to look for a leader in Yolanda Diaz to replace Pablo Iglesias, who will surely continue conspiring in the back room from some TV program produced by Mediapro with Chinese financing. 


The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, appeared before numerous militants who gathered in Genova Street in Madrid, in front of a headquarters that may not be so cursed now, and rode the wave of enthusiasm and optimism unleashed by the person he bet on two years ago in the face of criticism from many party colleagues who did not see in Isabel Diaz Ayuso a qualified candidate for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid. Now, that winning bet has to pay off for a Pablo Casado who has assumed the postulates of Diaz Ayuso with freedom ahead, lower taxes, concerted and special education, and a real and decisive support to entrepreneurs and self-employed in a situation as delicate as the one being suffered by the coronavirus. Casado predicted that today the PP would win in Madrid and that tomorrow it would do so in the Spanish government.

Ayuso con casado

There are many details that will have to be analyzed with more time and a better perspective and numerous questions that open up after the resounding results in Madrid. The first question that seems easy but which will have its complications is to specify the conditions of Vox's support to Ayuso, at least for his abstention, which is what would be enough. How Pablo Casado is going to make this victory profitable for his assault to the Moncloa Palace. The need to significantly improve the policy against the pandemic that is the key that moves the electoral will of the citizens due to the disastrous management of the Government of Sanchez and Iglesias.


We will see if there are winds of advancement of general elections or the Frankenstein government will remain under wind and tide to try to recover some of the lost confidence of the citizens at the stroke of millions of the Recovery Plan of the European Union. Although all forecasts indicate that this money will not reach the small and medium-sized companies, nor the self-employed, which represent more than 90% of the business fabric and employment in Spain. 

In the PSOE, the reflection of the electoral results will be profound and will remove many main pivots in view of its inefficiency and mediocrity, although it is very doubtful that the socialist tsunami will reach its main responsible, Pedro Sánchez. But the path from now on will be quite different. The sad consequences of an announced debacle will also be seen in Ciudadanos, but no less hard and frustrating for a good person like Edmundo Bal. It was well known that the decision of Albert Rivera and Pedro Sanchez, so much is so much, not to form a government with a majority of 180 deputies would mean the end of many adventures of no use for the citizens, only for the political prominence of some. Arrimadas must show her face.

casado Ayuso

It would be necessary to highlight a behavior that should not go without adequate punishment, that of José Félix Tezanos at the head of the CIS with an execrable manipulation of a public institution for the benefit of his party. If he had the shame he had a few years ago, he would resign irrevocably, but there are many others who, if they had any shame at all, should have resigned many months ago.

Once the electoral victory has been consummated, vaccination and the fight against the coronavirus continues to be the main problem of the citizens of Madrid and of all Spain, and at the same time, facing the essential measures for the fight against the crisis and unemployment will be the constant demand of the citizens.