Greece stars in the autumn programme of the Three Cultures Foundation's "Tres con libros" programme

Through the essay "Greece in the air. Inheritances and challenges of the ancient Athenian democracy seen from today's Athens" by Pedro Olalla

 -   Pedro Olalla

After the holiday break, "Tres con libros" resumes its activity with the essay "Greece in the air. Inheritances and challenges of ancient Athenian democracy seen from today's Athens", published by Acantilado in 2015, by the Hellenist and writer Pedro Olalla.

In this book, Olalla reviews the history of Athenian democracy in an attempt to explain what was happening in the Greek crisis between 2010 and 2014, thus making a reading of today's society based on classical Greece, where the first proposal in history for power to pass from the elites to the popular classes was born. As the author shows us, "the history of Athenian democracy is nothing other than the history of the progressive transfer of power into the hands of the citizens". Today, when Western democracies seem to have moved away from this objective, perhaps it makes sense to tirelessly trace the city where the first citizens were born and, with them, politics, as Acantilado itself points out.

Pedro Olalla was at the Three Cultures Foundation on 18 October, talking about his work with the cultural journalist Manuel Pedraz, and this activity "Tres con libros" (Three with books) will continue until 16 November.

This book is the current reading of the "Tres con libros" club and the library of the Three Cultures Foundation has a batch of 30 copies of this work for collective loans.