Iberdrola, also a pioneer and leader in green hydrogen production

Decarbonization is the only valid alternative and Spain cannot miss the opportunity to lead the energy transition based on the production of green hydrogen.
Iberdrola hidrógeno verde


Our way of life requires more and more energy; not in vain, global demand is expected to increase by nearly 30% by 2040. However, we cannot continue to depend on gas, oil or coal, both because of the environmental cost that the increase in CO2 represents for the planet, and because of the brutal economic impact that we are already experiencing from the price of fuels on the price of energy.

Decarbonization is the only valid alternative and Spain cannot miss the opportunity to lead the energy transition based on the production of green hydrogen. Our country has been exploring renewable energies for 20 years, especially through one of its most powerful companies, the pioneer in this sector, Iberdrola, and now the time has come to accelerate the production of this type of hydrogen to achieve an economically and environmentally sustainable model.

Iberdrola has, in a pioneering way, an investment plan of 75 billion euros until 2025 aimed at leading the energy transition, doubling renewable capacity to reach 60GW in 2025, compared to 32 GW in 2019 and, for sectors where decarbonization and electrification is difficult, such as industrial uses, or heavy transport, the company's goal is ambitious: the installation of 600 MW operational in 2025, reaching 3,000 MW in 2030 thanks to the use of green hydrogen.
To this end, it has established different time horizons, including, as short-term opportunities, the replacement of gray hydrogen by green hydrogen in the chemical, fertilizer, fragrance, glass, etc. industries; and urban mobility with, for example, public buses powered by fuel cells.

Planta de Fertiberia en Puertollano
Planta de Fertiberia en Puertollano. Grupo Fertiberia.

In this regard, the company has several pioneering projects underway, such as the agreement with Fertiberia to produce ammonia for 100% green fertilizers with the construction in Puertollano (Ciudad Real) of the largest green hydrogen plant for industrial use in Europe; the alliance reached with Porcelanosa to tackle the first solution to electrify ceramics production by combining renewables, green hydrogen and heat pump; or the start-up of the first green hydrogen plant for public use in our country to serve the fleet of urban buses in Barcelona, advancing towards mobility with zero polluting emissions, to give just three examples.

In the medium term, Iberdrola also intends to act in the mobility of heavy road and rail transport, as well as in thermal solutions for the substitution of Natural Gas and, among the long-term opportunities, it foresees its intervention in maritime and air transport.
The path has already begun in Spain with the help of Ignacio Galán's company, but it will also require the support of the Government, which will have to establish a regulatory framework for green hydrogen so that those who want to follow it do not do so by encouraging the production of hydrogen which, although it uses renewable energy and water in its production process, produces pollutants. That would be perverting the objective and a lost opportunity in the necessary energy transition.