The ICO Museum presents an exhibition by Juan Baraja on the relationship between architecture and space

For a decade, the photographer has portrayed different places in Europe that have been forgotten by time
Hipódromo, Sin título, 2014. © Juan Baraja

 -   Hippodrome, Untitled, 2014. © Juan Baraja

The ICO Museum presents 'Against all that glitters: Effects of Time', an exhibition of photography by Juan Baraja, part of the official section of PHotoESPAÑA. The ICO Foundation and the ICO Museum have joined the project on the work of Juan Baraja developed by the Cerezales Antonino y Cinia Foundation (FCAYC) and presented in 2020 at its headquarters in Cerezales del Condado (León) under the title Olvidados del tiempo, extending its scope and completing it with a new photographic commission and a book. Curated by Alfredo Puente, like the one at the FCAYC, the exhibition can be visited from 2 June to 11 September 2022.

Juan Baraja (Toledo, 1984) works with the relationships that arise between architecture and the management of space through photography. Residences, commissions and his own projects structure a body of work in which Baraja travels with his camera through different parts of Europe, all of them different, but with a thread that unites them: they are spaces forgotten by time. For Alfredo Puente, curator of the exhibition, Baraja recovers "a way of looking at something in order to imagine it through fragments, with a different composition, far from the parameters that make the complete something rational and apprehensible".

"Juan Baraja is a collector of minor architectures," says Alfredo Puente. It is not always possible to overcome the temptation to remember, it seems to tell us with his work. On occasions, his projects offer prominence to traces of what could have been, to the remains of utopia plastered over by time".

The exhibition

'Against all that glitters: Effects of Time' consists of eight series of photographs and is the most complete selection of the author's projects collected to date. From the first of the series - 'Norlandia', 2014 - to the last - 'Y vasca / Euskal Y', 2022, still in progress - almost a decade has passed.

The eight series are: 'Norlandia', 'Experimento Banana', 'Cerezales', 'Águas Livres', 'Parnaso', 'Hipódromo', 'Utopie Abitative' and 'Y vasca / Euskal Y'.

Norlandia © Juan Baraja
Norlandia © Juan Baraja
The catalogue

The exhibition has a catalogue - the most complete on his work to date - published by the Fundación ICO, profusely illustrated and with texts by the curator Alfredo Puente and Juan Baraja.

Guided tours and educational workshops

The ICO Museum offers guided tours and educational activities to bring the figure and work of Juan Baraja closer to adults and children.

About the ICO Museum

The ICO Museum, the only one in our country specifically dedicated to the dissemination of architecture as an artistic and cultural discipline, was inaugurated on 28 March 1996, initially to exhibit the permanent collections of the Instituto de Crédito Oficial (Official Credit Institute). Since 2012, the ICO Foundation has taken up the line centred on the field of architecture and urban planning for its temporary exhibitions. Around them, the ICO Museum develops educational activities aimed at children and young people, and guided and accompanied tours aimed at adults, with the intention of deepening and completing its discourse.