Johnny Depp and Spain's A Contracorriente Films are launching the embryo of the first major pan-European production company

The aim is to compete with a European stamp against the avalanche of Anglo-Saxon and Asian audiovisual and theatrical productions
Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp, owner of the production company Infinitum Nihil, and Adolfo Blanco, managing adviser of A Contraccoriente Films, have concluded an international collaboration agreement aimed at developing projects, both feature films and television series, for the increasingly hotly contested world market, currently almost monopolised by North American, British and Asian productions. 

The agreement, concluded at the San Sebastian Film Festival, also brings together Paris-based producer Jelena Gold Bach, London-based producer Alexandra Stone and producer/director Julien Temple, a team that is already working with a number of new and veteran screenwriters to market a catalogue of productions for 2022-2023.

The deal is made through Johnny Depp's UK-based production company IN.2, in which the American actor, director and producer has teamed up with Stephen Deuters and Stephen Malit. His most recent productions have been 'Crock of Gold', directed by Julien Temple, and 'Minamata', directed by Andrew Levitas, both distributed in Spain by A Contracorriente Films. 

According to Johnny Depp and Adolfo Blanco, this would be the first step towards the creation of a pan-European production company dedicated to housing a truly independent voice for a wide range of artists. IN.2 wants to intensify its film, theatre and television productions with a focus on European sensibilities, yet accessible to North American audiences. 

Depp, who already has more than 90 productions under his belt, declared that "IN.2 will build a space where artists can be artists, where they have the freedom to create those unexpected moments, those fortunate accidents that tend to become great art and bring their ideas to life".

For his part, Adolfo Blanco, who founded A Contracorriente Films in Barcelona in 2009 and has positioned it today as the leading independent film company in Spain, expressed his satisfaction with the agreement with IN.2: "In a project that is so timely for the new times, marked by a changing model in our industry. Being able to identify and produce films with the ability to target specific audiences will be key to remaining competitive". Blanco praised the enormous talent Depp has always shown "to select works that appeal to audiences, taking significant risks". 

A Contracorriente already brings an extensive and diverse catalogue of more than 1,500 films, demonstrating an unquestionable nose for identifying, producing, acquiring and distributing a wide variety of celebrated films such as 'Intocable', 'Dios mío, pero qué te hemos hecho?', 'El mejor verano de mi vida', 'Mia y el león blanco', 'Ballerina' and 'La librería' among others.