José Antonio Sierra, winner of the Malaga Federation of Senior Citizens Award

Thanks to his work in the international diffusion of the Spanish language and his collaboration in social causes
José Antonio Sierra

Archivo  -   José Antonio Sierra, Malaga Elderly People's Federation Award

José Antonio Sierra, a contributor to various media and responsible for the international dissemination of various contents through the Cervantes Institutes around the world and Spanish embassies and centres in Latin America, has received the Federation of Senior Citizens' Associations of Malaga Award. 

The award comes thanks to his daily activity as a collaborator of all kinds of social causes. One of the most active has been the defence of the linguistic plurality of Spain for 40 years, and for the defence and promotion of Spanish as a common language for all Spaniards, and as a global language shared by more than 500 million people in the world. This work has been carried out in the four countries in which it has been active: Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

José Antonio Sierra Lumbreras, born in Villanueva de Gómez, Ávila, in 1936, has a degree in Philosophy and Arts, Journalism and Social Psychology. He currently lives in Malaga. As a professional he was the creator of the Spanish Cultural Institute in Dublin, the predecessor of the Cervantes Institute of which he was later the director, as well as cultural attaché of the Spanish Embassy in the Irish capital. He has also been a correspondent for the EFE Agency in Ireland, among other media. 

Among his many activities in Malaga is that of patronage of the George Campbell Prize of the Maria Zambrano Hall of Transatlantic Studies of the University of Malaga. He is currently involved in his latest project, the Latin American Institute in Dublin.

José Antonio Sierra
PHOTO/ARCHIVO - José Antonio Sierra Lumbreras

Also in Malaga he was the promoter of the Courses of the Aula de Mayores of the University of Malaga, given in the cultural centre of La Térmica, dependent on the Diputación de Málaga. It was his contribution to opening up a space that had previously been reserved for the province's elderly to a younger audience. Project suspended for the moment due to the impact of the COVID-19.

In this way, José Antonio Sierra received well-deserved recognition for his work in defence of the elderly, of Spanish as a global language in the world, and for his collaboration with the media such as Nova Ciencia and the magazine Atalayar itself.