Kais Saied appoints new Tunisian government

In late September, the Tunisian presidency tasked Najla Bouden with forming a new executive after Saied dismissed Hichem Mechichi as prime minister

PHOTO/AFP  -   A photo taken from Tunisia's national television screen shows President Kais Saied announcing the formation of a new government at the Carthage Palace on October 11, 2021 on the outskirts of the capital, Tunis.

Eleven weeks after President Kais Saied suspended parliament and assumed full powers "to save the country", Tunisia has announced its new government. Saied's moves were considered a "coup d'état" by his critics and by the government of Hichem Mechichi, which was overthrown by the president.

After a period of political instability and a worsening economic situation, Tunisia once again has an executive. For the first time in its history, this government is headed by a woman, Najla Bouden. In addition to the prime minister, other women ministers will head key portfolios such as justice and finance. The media outlet Al-Ain has announced the list of the new ministers.

atalayar_protestas tunez
AFP/ FETHI BELAID - Tunisians raise national flags during a demonstration against their president along Habib Bourguiba Avenue in the capital Tunis on October 10, 2021.

Tawfiq Sharaf El-Din, Minister of the Interior

Laila Jaffal, Minister of Justice

Imad Mameesh, Minister of Defence

Othman Al-Jaradi, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Siham Boughedir, Minister of Finance

Samir Said, Minister of Economy and Planning

Malek Ezzahi, Minister of Social Affairs

Nayla Nouira, Minister of Industry, Mines and Energy

Fadila Al-Rabhi, Minister of Trade and Export Development

Mahmoud Elias Hamzza, Minister of Agriculture, Water and Fisheries

Fathi Al-Salawti, Minister of Education

Moncef Boukather, Minister of Higher Education

Ali Merabet, Minister of Health

Kamal Daqish, Minister of Youth and Sports

Sarah Zafarani, Minister of Equipment and Housing

Laila Chikhaoui, Minister of Environment

Nizar Bennaji, Minister of Communication Technologies

Rabie Al Majidi, Minister of Transport

Muhammad Raqib, Minister of State Property and Real Estate Affairs

Mohamed Moez Belhossein, Minister of Tourism

Ibrahim Chaibi, Minister of Religious Affairs

Amal Belhaj, Minister of Women, Children and Elderly Affairs

Hayat Katat, Minister of Cultural Affairs

Nasr El-Din Al-Nusabi, Minister of Employment

Aida Hamdi, Secretary of State to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in charge of International Cooperation 

"I am sure we will move from frustration to hope, I warn all those who will threaten the state," Saied declared at the appointment ceremony for the new ministers, as reported by Reuters.

atalayar_najla bouden
AFP/ FETHI BELAID - Prime Minister Najla Bouden announcing the formation of a new government at Carthage Palace on 11 October 2021.

Bouden also announced that his goal "is to fight corruption and to accelerate the economic process of the country, to open up opportunities for young people". "The orientations of the government's work are based on restoring confidence in the state and in the citizen, and this can only be achieved with the feeling of their full rights and confidence in the administration, and confidence can only be achieved by applying the law.

atalayar_protestas tunez
PHOTO/REUTERS - Supporters of Tunisian President Kais Saied demonstrate in support of his seizure of power and suspension of parliament, in Tunis, Tunisia, 3 October 2021.

"Our citizens are equal in rights without any room for discrimination," the prime minister added.