King Emeritus Juan Carlos I leaves Spain

The decision is determined by the impact that certain data are having on the private life of the former head of state
Juan Carlos I

 -   Juan Carlos I

The King Emeritus Juan Carlos I is leaving Spain due to "the public repercussions that certain events are generating" in his private life, as stated in the official communiqué issued by the House of His Majesty the King which includes the letter sent by Don Juan Carlos to his son, King Felipe VI, explaining the reasons for his departure from the country.

The objective of the departure of Juan Carlos I was reflected in the letter sent to his son: "Guided by the conviction of rendering the best service to the Spanish people, to their institutions and to you as King, I communicate to you my meditated decision to move, at this time, out of Spain". "A decision I take with deep feeling, but with great serenity. I have been King of Spain for almost forty years and, during all of them, I have always wanted the best for Spain and for the Crown", indicated Don Juan Carlos. 

According to what was published by the Royal House, King Felipe VI has conveyed to the King Emeritus his sense of respect and gratitude for his decision. The Spanish monarch also wanted to emphasize the historical importance of his father's reign, "as a legacy and political and institutional work of service to Spain and democracy", reaffirming the principles and values on which democracy is based, within the framework of the Constitution and the rest of the legal system. 

Juan Carlos I

The previous head of state has already left the Zarzuela Palace and there is speculation about his immediate fate, which some sources place in Portugal and the Dominican Republic. 

The official reaction to the reports on the alleged irregular business of Don Juan Carlos was expected, and now comes the abandonment of Spain by the King Emeritus, one of the alternatives being considered by the Royal House and the Spanish Government, after the former head of state himself accepted this proposal. The withdrawal of the royal title, which was also on the table and which Juan Carlos I did not contemplate, has been ruled out for the time being; although it remains to be seen whether it will be considered again.