King Mohammed VI could travel to Algeria

Moroccan diplomatic sources assure the Jeune Afrique media outlet
PHOTO/MAP- SM el Rey dirige un discurso a la Nación con motivo del 69º aniversario de la Revolución del Rey y del Pueblo

PHOTO/MAP  -   HM the King addresses the Nation on the occasion of the 69th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People

The French-language media specialised in Africa, Jeune Afrique, published on Monday evening that the King of Morocco, Mohamed VI will travel to Algeria next November to personally attend the Arab League summit. 

The Paris-based newspaper cites well-informed and reliable Moroccan diplomatic sources. However, there has been no official communication from the Moroccan Royal Court or the Moroccan government. Until now, the Moroccan Minister of Justice, Abdellatif Ouahbi, was expected to represent Morocco at the summit. 

The summit had been the subject of various controversies and rumours in previous weeks, which had even cast doubt on Morocco's presence at the Arab League meeting. However, this news could be in line with the Moroccan king's attempts to defuse tensions with neighbouring Algeria. 

The Arab League summit would be a propitious context for such a move. Many countries in the Arab world, such as Saudi Arabia, have expressed their desire to see the relationship between the North African rivals improve. 

It would not be the first time that Mohammed VI has attended an Arab League summit; both he and his relative, the King of Jordan, have been present at such events before. Still, the fact that the event is being held in the Algerian capital is a game changer and could definitely be a sincere and honest hand for the Moroccan king to extend to the Tebboune government.