Kurdish militias arrest 25 Daesh terrorists and free 4 abducted Yazidi women

The United States begins a new series of military exercises with Kurdish-Arab militias to continue counterterrorism operations in the region
operacion-kurdos-al hol

AFP/DELIL SOULEIMAN  -   Members of the Syrian Kurdish Asayish security forces inspect tents in the Kurdish al-Hol camp, which houses relatives of suspected DAESH fighters

The US-backed "Operation Security and Humanity", conducted by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) together with the internal security forces (Asayish) against Daesh cells in the al-Hol camp in northwestern Syria, continues to be carried out. The aim of this operation, launched at the end of August, is to end the threat of Daesh jihadism in the camp and to 'save' the camp's 60,000 inhabitants from terrorism.

In addition to the dozens of arrests of jihadists in recent days, the Kurdish-Arab militias have managed to free women who had been held hostage by Daesh jihadists. 

AFP/DELIL SOULEIMAN - Brigadier General Karl Harris (3rd left), Deputy Commander General of the US-led Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve coalition against DAESH

In this context, the Women's Protection Units, the YPJ, have managed to free Yazidi women who were being held hostage in various tents where the jihadists were located, as part of the anti-terrorist operation. The videos show how the women were bound with chains around their ankles, as well as showing signs of torture on their arms and the rest of their bodies.

One of the women who has been freed is a Yazidi woman from the village of Kocho who was kidnapped in 2014 during their offensive towards northern Iraq, when Daesh managed to take control of Shingal, committing genocide against the Yazidi people. During the jihadist offensive, more than 6,000 Yazidis were kidnapped and thousands of them are still missing today. 

PHOTO/ Rojava Network/@RojavaNetwork - SDF and US forces conducted exercises in the village of Takl Bakl, located in the border triangle (Syria, Iraq and Turkey) in the Kujarat area of the Dêrik district

The freed woman told an SDF media outlet that Daesh jihadists took them "first to Mosul, and then transferred us to Raqqa, where we were repeatedly raped, enslaved and sold in slave markets". It is not yet known how long she has been held hostage in the al-Hol camp but it is believed that there may still be more women in the compound who are direct victims of the terrorists. The Asayish have also launched an investigation to find out what these women have been subjected to, as well as the torture they have been subjected to.

According to Rojava Network, on the 13th day of the operation, 25 Daesh terrorists have been arrested, seven tents used by Daesh cells for torture and training have been neutralised, as well as ammunition for AK-47 and four military bags.

In a press release, the Asayish police reported that "the threat in the camp has become quite clear when the cells recently intensified their terrorist acts against camp residents, NGO volunteers and Asayish members, in addition to repeated escape attempts and foiled plans to attack the camp from outside"

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AFP/DELIL SOULEIMAN - A picture shows the Kurdish camp of al-Hol, which houses relatives of suspected DAESH fighters in the northeastern governorate of Hasakeh

In addition to the operation to "liberate" al-Hol camp, the militias have carried out another anti-terrorist operation against a jihadist man in the Syrian town of Hasaka. The operation targeted the home of the terrorist, who is accused of cooperating with Daesh in the transfer of money to its leaders and other active cells in different regions in the north and east of the country. 

US-backed operation against ISIS

In order to ensure that anti-terrorist operations such as the one being carried out in the al-Hol camp - considered a jihadist "ticking time bomb" - continue, the SDF has begun a series of military manoeuvres with the US-led international coalition in the Derik area, located in the Syrian-Iraqi-Turkish border triangle.

PHOTO/ @SteeleSyAA - Kurdish militia conducted an ISIS security operation in the city of Hasakah, dismantling a cell in a building on Qamishli Street in the Ghweran district of Hasakah

These manoeuvres included live ammunition exercises for heavy and medium weapons and joint reconnaissance exercises, tracking the movements of terrorist cells and directing their own attacks on them.

The joint manoeuvres are the first to be held in this region and the third of the year to be held in northern and eastern Syria, where the Deir ez-Zor region has been the scene of such operations on several occasions.