Women are protagonists at ADIHEX 2022

Abu Dhabi's largest falconry and hunting exhibition enjoys strong female participation
participacion mujeres adihex emiratos


Abu Dhabi's falconry, hunting and equestrian art exhibition, ADIHEX, continues to be a great success with the public. This success also extends to women, who now play an important role in many of the disciplines exhibited at ADIHEX. 

According to the organisers, this year is proving to be particularly attractive for women as well as families. The age range among the visitors is very wide. 

mujeres en ADIHEX 2022

According to ADIHEX data, the purchase of tame birds of prey by women is on the rise in the United Arab Emirates, a trend that has been going on for several years now. Not limited to falconry, there has also been an increase in the number of hunting gun licences issued to women in recent years. 

In this ADIHEX 2022 edition, the role of women would have gained a new strength thanks to the participation of many women experts in hunting and falconry. Some organisations have also put many women at the head of their delegations at ADIHEX, such as the Emirates Falconers Club, the Mohammed bin Zayed Desert School of Falconry and Physiognomy, the European Falconry and Conservation Foundation, the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) and the European Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FACE).

Adihex mujeres 2022

In the field of equestrian arts, ADIHEX features a number of female riders from the UAE and countries around the world, presenting performances and performances for ADIHEX visitors. Also from a scientific point of view women are at the forefront of the equestrian sector. ADIHEX will be attended by experts in equestrian genetics, such as the researcher Sariya Al-Marzouq, who will give an interesting lecture on the peculiarities of equine breeding. 

In parallel, Tina Al Qubaisa, from the Fatima Bint Mubarak Women's Sports Academy (FBMA) and the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club is also leading several workshops on the connection between humans and horses in their sporting use. 

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Fatima al-Dhanhani is a woman artist who takes Arabic calligraphy to another level, and who will also have a stand at the ADIHEX Exhibition. Another artist is Sally al-Azzawi, who is presenting the lecture "Fundamentals of Decoration and Illumination" together with Shurooq Azzam, who specialises in the traditional ceramics of the Gulf countries. This group of women artists is completed by the famous Emirati jeweller Azza Al Qubaisi, who runs a workshop to teach everyone the art of jewellery making. 
This edition of ADIHEX shows once again how companies are willing to offer specific products for women in order to attract more visitors to ADIHEX, as the exhibition space reaches a convergence in which a world, which in the prejudice of some was reserved for men, is also made for women, who are largely interested in these arts and sporting practices. ADIHEX promotes the UAE's policy of inclusion, which seeks to progressively incorporate women into all disciplines and involve them in falconry, equestrian and other traditional sports competitions.