Madrid, a nexus between businessmen and leaders to boost trade relations with China and Latin America

The Ni Hao España 你好中国 platform launches new initiatives to increase cultural exchange and new business between the three continents
PHOTO/Benito Ordóñez - Cena Empresarios Ni Hao España

PHOTO/Benito Ordóñez  -   Ni Hao Spain Businessmen's Dinner

Ni Hao España 你好中国, the benchmark platform in Spain that acts as a nexus and loudspeaker for Chinese and Latin American entrepreneurs and professionals, has organised the first networking and gastronomic tasting meeting between entrepreneurs and personalities from the three continents to promote new opportunities for business collaboration and business between Latin America, Spain and China.

"The time is right for this necessary boost between three strategic areas of the world," says Laura González Escallada, founder of Ni Hao España 你好中国 and organiser of the meeting. On the one hand, she says, "China is committed to boosting cultural and business ties with Spain in the short term to be prepared for the celebration in 2023 of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries"; and, on the other, "we are in a crucial year for the launch of new business strategies and in the year we are heading towards full tourism recovery between the three continents after two tough years of the COVID-19 pandemic".

PHOTO/Benito Ordóñez - Invitados (de Izq. a Dcha. Javier Porras, Derecho Unión Europea y Relaciones Institucionales Universidad CEU San Pablo, Fernando Martín, Client Advisory, Laura González Escallada, fundadora Ni Hao España 你好中国 y Enrique Fanjul, miembro del Consejo Científico del Real Instituto Elcano y exconsejero comercial de la Embajada de España en China)
PHOTO/Benito Ordóñez - Guests (from left to right: Javier Porras, European Union Law and Institutional Relations, CEU San Pablo University, Fernando Martín, Client Advisory, Laura González Escallada, founder of Ni Hao España 你好中国 and Enrique Fanjul, member of the Scientific Council of the Real Instituto Elcano and former commercial advisor of the Spanish Embassy in China).

But there are also other objective data that corroborate this upward trend. In 2021, Chinese investment in Spain increased by 90% and it was also the second largest destination for Latin American investment, with an annual average of 3.8 billion euros. "Both cultures represent a great opportunity for the development of new business strategies, and, for this reason, well-known entrepreneurs seek to consolidate international projects from Madrid", stresses Laura González Escallada.

Among the thirty or so attendees at the first business and cultural exchange dinner held in Madrid were Enrique Fanjul, member of the Scientific Council of the Elcano Royal Institute and former commercial advisor to the Spanish Embassy in China; Águeda Parra, analyst of China's geopolitical and technological environment, author of the book 'China, the routes of power' and advisor to the China Chair, Jenny Shen, president of the Spanish-Chinese Art-Cultural Association, Javier Fernández Arribas, director of Atalayar, and Javier Comas, CEO of Initio Club.  The event was also attended by senior officials from universities and business schools and, in particular, prominent members of the universities CEU San Pablo, ESIC Business School, IE and the University of Santander (Mexico). 

PHOTO/Benito Ordóñez - Invitados (de Izq. a Dcha, David Sainz, CEO Latam Networks, Ernesto Miguel Reyes Sales Manager Iberia Delta Electronics, Gemma Cabrera, mánager en España de iWofly, Laura González Escallada, Ni Hao España 你好中国, Ana López, fundadora alta joyería internacional y Javier Fernández Arribas, director Atalayar
PHOTO/Benito Ordóñez - Guests (from left to right, David Sainz, CEO Latam Networks, Ernesto Miguel Reyes Sales Manager Iberia Delta Electronics, Gemma Cabrera, manager in Spain of iWofly, Laura González Escallada, Ni Hao España 你好中国, Ana López, founder of international high jewellery and Javier Fernández Arribas, director Atalayar.

Other strategic sectors that have been protagonists at the dinner belong to the technology, tourism and digital marketing branches.

Cycle of international conferences on the occasion of the 50th Spain-China anniversary

Ni Hao España 你好中国, which has radio and television programmes in Spain, China and Latin America and channels on LinkedIn, WeChat, Xiaohongshu and Spotify, brings together every week and gives a voice to professionals and benchmarks in the international framework.

From now on, and on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two cultures between China and Spain, the platform reinforces its commitment to the organisation and promotion of new initiatives. Thus, among other actions, it will organise gastronomic and business networking meetings in emblematic restaurants in Madrid and the 'Ni Hao España 你好中国 International Conference Cycle' starting on 22 February, with the aim of bringing together leading figures in the strategic economic areas of China, Latin America and Spain to share and open new avenues of collaboration from the different areas and business sectors of mutual interest

PHOTO/Benito Ordóñez - Distintos empresarios y personalidades chinas
PHOTO/Benito Ordóñez - Various Chinese businessmen and personalities

The restaurant that has hosted the first meeting and which is also already part of the strategic network of this international exchange is the emblematic Restaurant La Cabra, located in the heart of Madrid and known for raising the 'tapas' to Michelin Star. After its refurbishment in December 2020, the Gutiérrez brothers have achieved an exclusive concept that combines wine cellar and select spaces to enjoy a unique and personalised experience.

About Laura González Escallada, founder of Ni Hao España 你好中国 

Laura González Escallada directs Ni Hao España 你好中国, a nexus of Chinese, Spanish and Latin American entrepreneurs. The company is a clear loudspeaker and meeting point between China and Latin America, with a radio programme and different face-to-face activities, including meetings, business dinners and conference cycles. Every week, leading personalities in the collaborative framework between China and Spain debate and reflect on current affairs, the economy, culture and institutional relations between the two countries. 

PHOTO/Benito Ordóñez - Presentación durante el encuentro a cargo de Laura González Escallada
PHOTO/Benito Ordóñez - Presentation during the meeting given by Laura González Escallada

Laura González Escallada (Santander, 1993), expert in Spain-China business development, has an extensive experience in supporting the creation of business synergies between Europe, Asia and the United States. González Escallada holds a degree in Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations from CEU San Pablo University in Madrid and a Master's degree in Communication and New Technologies Management from ESIC Business School and Shanghai International Studies University. In recent years, her main area of activity has been between Spain and China, leading international communication and marketing teams.